Coffee cups for restaurants Brescia

The best restaurants in Brescia know the importance of choosing the right coffee cup, an item that cannot be missed among plates, glasses and various tableware. Like the bartender, the restaurateur is also an expert in the art of making coffee, and his goal is to satisfy customers with the perfect espresso cup.

This is why it is important to buy professional-quality Brescia restaurant coffee cups with certain functional features such as those offered by Portioli. Let us find out more about coffee cups and coffee cups for restaurants Brescia.

How to choose the perfect coffee cups for restaurants

Every restaurateur in Brescia knows how there are different espresso cups, suitable for the different needs of a passionate clientele about this drink. Let us see the main types of coffee cups for restaurant Brescia remembering that by Portioli the product is available in both glass and porcelain.

The first type of restaurant coffee cup is the classic Brescia restaurant coffee cup with thick edges, the most popular one in Italy. This is a model with important dimensions of the porcelain walls that can reach half an inch to retain the heat. In addition to this, these are durable and long-lasting cups, although aesthetically they may look a bit awkward.

A second type of coffee cup, which can also be ordered by Portioli, is the glass coffee cup. This coffee cup allows for an interplay of colours between the black of coffee, the white of milk and cream, and the brown of cocoa. More and more restaurant customers are choosing to drink coffee only in glass mugs, which is why such a coffee cup cannot be missed in the Brescia restaurant.

Elegant Brescia coffee cups

In luxury Brescia restaurant, you will be able to find thin porcelain coffee cups, which are not very common in Italy but are very beautiful since the porcelain is fine and elegant. However, they are cups that retain less heat and are much more delicate than thick porcelain cups.

Other cups are the elegant ones, since coffee improves when offered in an elegant service. Again, Portioli website offers a wide range of cups and mugs to fulfil every desire. 

Finally, there are restaurants that offer collectible cups and mugs declined in trendy colours and shapes and special cups very different from the traditional espresso cup and designed for those looking for a model that looks different.

Modern coffee cups

The last type of coffee cup is the modern one with contemporary features in terms of shapes and colours. Again, on Torrefazione Portioli site you will find trendy and suitable collectible cups for your restaurant.

Whatever your coffee cup idea is by Portioli you will find espresso and cappuccino cups and mugs in glass and porcelain, classic and collectible to offer customers the perfect coffee without sacrificing aesthetics. Contact us for more information!