Coffee mixology requires a thorough knowledge of the ingredients that make up high quality cocktails. It is about creating an alchemy of taste and flavour, aromas and colours, and only a few baristas know how to master the tools of the perfect coffee, that espresso which, as in a true art, becomes a first-class cocktail.

Coffee mixology – Definition

Just like the world of spirits, the world of coffee is rich and articulated, and the boundaries between the two are often blurred. Think of the traditional coffee liqueur that is drunk all over Italy and the cocktails in which coffee is a main ingredient: Espresso Martini, Black Russian, Irish Coffee.

The attention of bartenders and barman for coffee has reached its highest level with Coffee Mixology, and studies and research are done daily to perfect extraction techniques and enhance the rarest qualities of coffee, in the light of its characteristics that only an expert bartender knows.

Nowadays, people no longer just order the classic espresso or macchiato coffee at the bar, but increasingly taste different recipes and preparations, from the now common hazelnut coffee and amaretto coffee to complex but always unique and tasty drinks.

Why something different from the classic espresso?

A cup of good espresso gives an extra boost to the day, and the best roasters offer a wide range of blends that make it possible to never get bored of the flavours. There is no shortage of baristas who turn into real bartenders and create special coffee-based cocktails to toast and celebrate an anniversary or special occasion.

All this passion and creativity flows into Coffee Mixology, where the protagonist is alcoholic mixing and where coffee meets liqueurs and spirits to create interesting cocktails. Among those the most popular and suitable are:

Bourbon Whisky: a cup of Portioli espresso is prepared and cherry liqueur, sugar syrup and lemon juice are added, then garnished with cocoa powder and served in a tumbler glass.

Morettino in Moka: In this case, the ingredients are gin, fortified wine, citron liqueur and 100% Arabica Portioli blend with lemon zest for garnish. In the Moka pot instead of water, gin, liqueur wine and citronella are used together with 100% Arabica Portioli ground coffee. This cocktail is served in the Martini glass and decorated with lemon zest.

What are Portioli Creativity Drinks? 

Portioli Creativity Drinks are meant to be non-alcoholic, but those who are looking for a special recipe full of flavour can add alcohol to the cocktails. The result will be a perfect drink to enjoy at any time of the day, during the meals or breaks with friends.

To the true fans of Coffee Mixology Portioli has dedicated twelve exclusive recipes based on coffee and commercialised Portioli, ingredients that are easy to find and that allow you to create hot and cold cocktails that expand the offer of every bar and allow customers to enjoy the traditional espresso in a new way. Let us see what they are here.

  1. Coffee Cow: delicious energy drink
  2. Spicy Chocolate H2O: Vegan and lactose-free
  3. Kimono: Oriental-style energy drink
  4. Ethiopian Dream: Caffeine-free, gluten-free
  5. Mickey Mou: caffeine-free, perfect for children
  6. Ginger & Fred: fresh and spicy
  7. Mo(r)jito Portioli: Long drink
  8. Sofia’s Ice Berry Coffee: Fruit-flavoured ice drink, made with dek Portioli coffee (low caffeine content)
  9. Vegan Coffee Julep: Vegan and gluten free
  10. Sparkling Sunset: Caffeine-free, Gluten free
  11. Portioli Flip: Energy drink
  12. The P Factor Grog: Vegan and gluten free

If we have whetted your curiosity, all you have to do is to visit the Portioli website to discover the ingredients and recipes of these 12 cocktails, which represent the best example of Coffee Mixology and will allow your bar to stand out from the competition. The only limit in the use of coffee is the imagination of the bartender and Portioli invites you to experiment with these recipes and find new and personal ones to build customer loyalty and entice them to return to the bar.