Coffee has always been a symbol of pleasure and this fact emerges from the research Italians and Coffee conducted by AstraRicerche together with the Consorzio Promozione Caffè. The study shows how Italians at the bar do not expect a simple cup of espresso, but 37.8% of those interviewed want to experiment with new blends, while only 62.2% remain faithful to the usual coffee.

More and more often at the bar we find an informed consumer who wants to know what lies outside the cup and who in 6.6% of cases expresses the desire to become a real expert. 7 out of 10 consumers prefer organic coffee and a brand that describes the different origins, degree of roasting and organoleptic characteristics.

Going to the bar and ordering an espresso is an all-Italian ritual that is good for the mood (47.5%), helps you stay awake (44.6), gives you a boost and improves mental performance (43.1).


Why do Italians go to the bar?

The average Italian who goes to the bar can be divided according to their relationship with coffee into:

  • Habitual (27.9%): these are those who do not care about quality, but see the cup of coffee as the ritual with which to start the day
  • Relaxed (26.6%): they like the regular, bitter cup and see the coffee bar as a moment of relax and pleasure, with smell and warmth they love
  • Hedonist (21%): for them, the perfect coffee is bitter, to be drunk when waking up and with always different blends
  • Enthusiast (12.5%): these are the Italians who see coffee as an experience to be shared and a pleasure for themselves and others, a moment of joy and fun
  • Chatterbox (12%): this is the one for whom coffee is synonymous with a break during the day and a moment to meet friends and colleagues

What is the favourite breakfast at the bar?

The traditional Italian breakfast is not very rich and is generally based on coffee, milk and a croissant. At home, people drink a quick coffee with or without sugar with a little milk, while children drink white milk with cocoa or roasted barley or even tea.

In general, lukewarm milk with coffee is the liquid part of the popular breakfast together with carbohydrates such as bread, brioche or rusks, or cookies for children.

At the bar, everything changes and the average Italian chooses and orders a plain espresso or macchiato or a cappuccino, together with a croissant. This too can be empty or filled with custard, jam or chocolate. It is definitely the favourite breakfast at the café.

What do they expect from the bar besides a cup of espresso?

A coffee is never just a coffee, and the cup of espresso in Italy has always been a symbol of hospitality: offering a coffee is a way of paying homage to the guest and making him feel at ease, and drinking coffee together lays the foundations for a personal or professional relationship.

There is also no right time for coffee, which can be drunk early in the morning, mid-morning, after lunch, in the afternoon or in the evening. It is never too late to order a coffee, with the exception of the time before main meals: usually the cup completes the meal and is never taken before.

A curiosity: in addition to the quality of the blend, the average Italian pays attention to the way coffee is served, which is always in ceramic or glass and never in a carton. Take-away cups are only appreciated if there is no alternative and at the bar, the person expects a coffee prepared and perfectly served.

Portioli blends for baristas

Portioli offers the barista a wide selection of blends among which we point out the 1000 gr ones, which are:

– Top 1000 gr: A refined blend that stands out for the great “Elegance” of the flavours, the velvety fullness of the taste and the very fine fragrance of the fruity aromas

– Extrabar 1000 gr: The great Italian passion for espresso, rewarded by a blend that expresses an “Immense Dialogue” of magical sensations and rich flavours

– Bar 1000 gr: A blend that enhances the expression of its most celebrated “Harmonic Echoes”

– Aroma 1000 gr: A blend with an incomparable “Balance” of sweetness, aromaticity and body

– Gusto 1000 gr: A unique and special blend with an “Intense and Full-bodied” character and a sweet, chocolatey aftertaste

– Soave 1000 g: This blend contains the maximum enhancement of the “Magical Flavours” of Oriental spices and white chocolate

– Intenso 1000 gr: A full-bodied blend. A hurricane of decisive flavours with spicy and chocolate notes

In addition to these coffees, there is a wide selection of other blends such as single origin, decaffeinated and Ritual Coffee 01 and Ritual Coffee 02. Discover them on the Portioli website, and offer your customers the best daily coffee experience!