Accessories for bars Milan – The key ones

Too often baristas overlook the accessories, which are considered real extras. In reality, accessories for bars Milan are key elements to offer the best service to the customer as they facilitate the work of bartenders.
The preparation of the perfect coffee comes from different accessories and tools, not only the primary ones, such as the coffee machine. The best barista knows the secrets to making the difference and knows how to choose practical and functional Milan bar accessories: milk jugs, trays, napkin rings, and more. All this affects the result and allows you to get a perfect cup of espresso.

Milan bar accessories by Portioli

Portioli has always offered customers a line of accessories designed to support professionals in the daily work. These are products that give bars an aligned image. Let us discover here what they are!

Napkin holder

Portioli disposable napkin dispenser, also available in “Il Caffè” version, is the perfect tool for bars and provides an aesthetic benefit without neglecting its primary function, which is to allow the customer to clean himself. Equally important and essential are napkin dispensers, designed to store the wipes.

Change Tray

An elegant bar cannot exist without a change tray to bring receipt and change to customers. Again, choosing a Portioli product gives a touch of class to basr.

Sugar holder

Very beautiful and refined is Portioli simple and the “Il Caffè” sugar holder. It is a simple way to accommodate white and brown sugar sachets and is designed to fit any environment and style. This item and accessory for professional Milan bar is made of high-quality materials and is characterized by being a guaranteed and certified Italian product that complies with regulations in terms of safety and hygiene.


Portioli tray is used by waiters to carry food, objects, and comes in different shapes with a raised edge to keep objects from falling off. Many functions are involved, and in addition to bringing orders to the table, a good tray protects hands from burns and is a hygienic barrier.

Milk jug

Among Milan bar accessories, the milk jug cannot and should not be missing: in this case, the best materials are porcelain and stainless steel, easy to clean and with good resistance and thermal conduction. Simply by touching the creamer with your hand you can tell if the milk is at the right temperature. On the Portioli website, you will find 35/50/75 cl milk jugs suitable for every need.

Finally, for bartenders who are aware of the importance of bar Milan accessories, Portioli has thought of the bartender kit that includes everything needed to ensure excellent service to the customer, for a unique touch and image. Contact us for more information!