Accessories for bars Rome – How to choose them

Every barista knows that in addition to coffee machines and blends he or she must be able to count on the right accessories for bars Rome. These are indispensable accessories that cannot be missing from the bar’s equipment and are definitely much more than optional ones.
The best accessories for bars Rome are tools that allow you to work quickly and easily, and every barista has his or her favourites for preparing tasty drinks. These include milk jugs, napkin rings, trays and sugar holders, in addition to cups and mugs offered by Portioli.
In general, a supply of bar accessories includes manual ones, those for advertising and bar customization in addition to small appliances and coffee shop items. Customized Rome bar accessories such as cups, glasses and coasters cannot and should not be missing.

The importance of personalized Rome bar accessories

The bar that wants to present itself at its best and offer the customer excellent service must equip itself with personalized bar accessories. We think of cups with the logo of the roasting company, glasses that enhance the drink and the clothing of those working in the bar, but also advertising.

Among the personalized items signs and menus should not miss, decorations and everything that enriches the bar and the preparations by enhancing them.

Portioli bar accessories offer

Portioli offers bartenders a whole range of accessories for bars Rome that include:

Porcelain: this is a line of cups and mugs designed to enhance the drink and the real Italian espresso. This collection contains 25 ml of product

Glassware: The line of glass cups and mugs is designed for those who like to drink coffee “from the glass” and is characterized by elegance. Portioli recommends this product for those who focus not only on taste, but also on sight when bringing coffee to the table

Aligned image: Among the accessories for Rome bars are Portioli customized Canvas signs, window decals and squares. These are efficient communication tools to dress up the bar and differentiate it from the competition. It is a line that allows to give the bar an aligned and personalized image

Disposable Rome bar accessories: These are a set of practical and ecological items that complete the bar’s offer and guarantee a service that is always elegant and professional, even for take-away

Advertising: Portioli also offers Rome bars communication material that tells the corporate image

Clothing: Portioli casual clothing line is dedicated to coffee professionals as well as coffee lovers and is made of quality materials.

As you can see, the offer of Portioli Rome bar accessories is wide and designed to meet all the needs of baristas who care about a personalized and appealing image in the eyes of customers. Contact us for more information!