Bar coffee cups Bergamo

When we have a coffee cup in our hands, what enthusiasts and connoisseurs call the “coffee experience” begins, in which nothing is left to chance. So let us see what characteristics the coffee cup for bars Bergamo should have and Portioli proposal of cups and mugs.

Characteristic of bar coffee cups Bergamo

The perfect bar coffee cup Bergamo must have the following characteristics to enhance the taste and aroma of the drink most loved by Italians:

– Capacity: the ideal capacity ranges from 60 to 90 ml

– Material: the perfect cup is durable and has thermal inertia to retain the right heat. This is why Portioli recommends choosing porcelain, ceramic fired at high temperatures, or glass, which preserve the coffee’s organoleptic properties

– Colour: the perfect colour is white, which allows you to appreciate the authentic colour of the coffee and the shades of cream on the surface

– Rim: the rim on which the lips rest should be thin to best taste the crema and coffee

– Bottom: the bottom of the cup should have a special curvature and be free of edges and corners. This will make it easy to mix the sugar added to the coffee

– Diameter: the diameter should not be too small, and depending on the size, there is a real olfactory experience from the first contact with the espresso cup

Bar coffee cup Bergamo – Essential details

As mentioned, the perfect bar coffee cup Bergamo is the one made of white porcelain, with a wide diameter, thin rim and curved bottom. In addition to this, the barista buying his or her supply of coffee cups and mugs must pay attention to handles and saucers.

The handle must have a good grip, and the saucer must firmly accommodate the cup when it is served. Therefore, the perfect handle is the right size and allows the cup to be held, while the saucer of Bergamo coffee bar coffee cups is large enough to hold not only the cup but also the teaspoon and sugar packet.

The true coffee lover and the professional barista pay attention to these details and creates a drink that is appreciated by the customer, whether consuming coffee at the counter or sipping it leisurely while chatting with friends, family and colleagues. We all have a friendship, love and relationship born over coffee and just the perfect cup is the perfect accessory for those moments that make a difference in life.

Portioli offering of coffee cups and mugs for bars

Portioli offers baristas a wide range of coffee cups and mugs for bars Bergamo made of porcelain or glass. Among the porcelains are the coffee, long coffee, decaffeinated and cappuccino mugs. There is no shortage of teapots and sugar bowls to complete the porcelain set by Portioli. In addition, you can purchase the collection of coffee and cappuccino cups to make the act of drinking espresso a beautiful experience as well.

Equally beautiful, practical and suitable for espresso tasting are the glass coffee cups among which we mention the coffee cup, the long coffee cup, the cappuccino cup and the coffee glass.

These are products born from Portioli experience and expertise to best meet the needs of baristas and create an unforgettable coffee experience for the end customer. Contact us for more information!