Bari capsule coffee machines

At home and in the office, there are more and more Bari capsule coffee machines, which follow the trend of espresso coffee prepared with capsules. There are many advantages related to the use of a Bari capsule coffee machine and in particular in terms of performance and price.
Buying a Portioli capsule coffee machine means being able to count on speed and ease of use, but also and above all on an espresso with an excellent aroma since the coffee is stored in sealed single portions. The only disadvantage is the high cost of the capsules (20-40 cents) and the high environmental impact. Disposing of the coffee capsule is complicated and ecological because the capsule is made of plastic and aluminium.
For this reason, many companies offer their customers capsules in compostable material and in steel, focusing on sustainability. In any case, Bari capsule coffee machines allow you to drink the same espresso as the bar at home and in the office and are suitable for preparing cappuccino and hot drinks such as tea and herbal teas.

Features and advantages of Bari capsule coffee machines

When buying a Bari capsule coffee machine it is important to pay attention to the pressure, which determines the taste and aroma of the coffee. In the traditional machine, it varies from 12 to 19 bars and the more salt the better the aroma of the espresso. No less important are the functions and ease of use and for this reason Portioli offers capsule espresso machines with auto shut-off, fast heating and automatic dispensing stop.

The capsule machine works by inserting shells of plastic, aluminium and compostable material that contain ground coffee and are single-dose. Buying the Bari capsule coffee machine has several advantages and among these, we mention:

  • Quick insertion of the coffee into the machine: the capsule is sealed and fresh and delivery takes place in less than 30 seconds
  • Watertight closure of the single-dose shell: avoiding loss of coffee aroma and fragrance
  • Coffee powder ready for use
  • High level of cleanliness: you do not have to handle ground coffee and for this reason, neither the espresso machine nor the work surface gets dirty

Bari coffee machine – GIME home and office line

GIME home and office line allows you to savour all the taste and quality of Espresso Portioli just like at the bar. The machines for home and office use are characterized by high technology and a completely Made in Italy design and are perfect for coffee breaks.

Buying a capsule coffee machine means having your favourite Portioli coffee blend always ready in a few seconds and in the office or at home, it is the quickest and most practical solution to enjoy a tasty drink. Our advice is to contact Portioli to find out more about the GIME line of coffee machines for home and office: we will be able to recommend the product that best suits your needs!