Coffee blend for bars Salerno – Some tips

When choosing the variety of coffee bars, baristas find themselves between Arabica and Robusta, and they do not know if it is better to have a coffee blend for Salerno bars that is sweet or intense. This is definitely an important decision since the success of the coffee depends on the goodness of the espresso, although much depends on the hand of the barista and his ability to prepare excellent espresso.

The importance of choosing the best roaster

Before even thinking about the coffee blend for Salerno bars, it is important to rely on the right roaster, and in this case, Torrefazione Portioli is the partner of excellence when looking for a perfect blend. In Italy, in addition to Arabica and Robusta coffee, single-origin coffee is very popular, which Portioli also offers customers in India, Honduras, Ethiopia and Brazil varieties.

Each roaster jealously guards these recipes, just like Espresso all’Italiana Portioli recipe. From time to time, our roaster selects the best plantations and knows each type of coffee to bring to the bar counter a unique unmistakable taste every time, just like chefs do when they dedicate themselves to the preparation of more or less elaborate dishes.

Knowing single-origin coffee means making the right roast, the one that preserves characteristics and peculiarities of the bean enhancing them and creating the best coffee blend for Salerno bars. The roaster’s goal is to offer the barista a blend with high benefit.

At the base of every blend – Arabica or Robusta

Contrary to what many people think, the blend with a high Arabica content does not always represent excellence, and Robusta is a variety to consider when creating the coffee blend for Salerno coffee bars.

Much depends on the knowledge and experience of the roaster, who touches and tastes the raw coffee following all the steps that lead to the final product, the coffee bean or ground coffee. In particular, in the coffee blends for Salerno bars proposed by Portioli Arabica and Robusta are both important although with different properties and organoleptic characteristics.

In particular, Arabica gives sweetness, aroma and acidity to the coffee, while the Robusta variety gives character, intensity and a consistent crema in the cup. Finally, a coffee blend for Salerno coffee bars based on the Arabica variety requires more skill from the roaster and barista during grinding and extraction.

Ideal blend – The role played by the single region

In Italy, the perfect cup of coffee varies from region to region. In northern Italy, sweet and light coffees are preferred, while in the South and Salerno, the ideal coffee is intense and strong. Again, blends with fine Arabica and low amounts of Robusta (about 20-30%) are trendy in the north. Moving down into the country we arrive at the coffee blend for Salerno bars, which, as in the rest of the South, is more structured given the greater presence of Robusta.

In addition, the perfect blend depends a lot on the bar’s clientele, and the good barista aims to find the coffee that reflects their needs and taste, to build people’s loyalty and entice them to return.

In conclusion, the taste depends also on the region but Portioli has always offered baristas more blends for Salerno coffee bars in order to satisfy an increasingly demanding clientele, which seeks in coffee the break and the ritual to start the day with a boost of energy.