Coffee machines for bars Potenza

Portioli Potenza coffee machines for bars are entirely designed and built in Italy and aim to offer customers perfect coffee every time. The coffee machine for bars is the economic heart of the bar since coffee is the product that allows the highest income, but it is also the aesthetic heart.

A beautiful coffee machine for coffee bars catches the attention of customers in Potenza and is a technological object with an exclusive design, especially with regard to the espresso coffee machine for coffee bars. Therefore, when choosing, it is important to evaluate technological and aesthetic factors in order to always achieve the best result in the cup.

Coffee machine choice for coffee bars – Manual or automatic

Automatic coffee machine for bars Potenza has several buttons to choose the amount of water used for extraction. In addition to this model, there are semiautomatic machines, with a single button above the brewing unit, and manual ones. The price of the semiautomatic machines is lower than that of the automatic machine, but there are two disadvantages:

– You have to control the coffee brewing without being distracted by other customers and tasks

– The amount of cream varies depending on the freshness of the coffee and there is no 100% precise control

In the case of the automatic machine, however, there are 4 to 6 buttons and a touch screen on which to set the amount of water to be used for extraction: single, long or ristretto coffee. In this case, the machine stops on its own and the barista in the meantime can serve other customers without having to control the brewing process.

Coffee brewing can also be 100% manual with Potenza manual coffee machines; although today, most baristas prefer the automatic or semiautomatic machine.

Potenza coffee bar machine – How many brewing groups?

Depending on the case, Portioli offers coffee machines with 1 or 2 brewing groups, and there is no ideal solution; it all depends on the characteristics of the bar.

Coffee bar machine accessories – The steam wand

The steam wand is the accessory with which milk is whipped, and baristas soon learn to use it without scalding themselves. However, modern machines feature the cool touch wand, which is larger in diameter and remains cool during use so it can be used safely.

Portioli GIME Group Potenza coffee machines

GIME – Gruppo Italiano Macchine Espresso – is the Portioli Group Company that designs and sells coffee machines in Italy and abroad. The company offers Portioli’s sales network a new commercial weapon for an increasingly articulated customer service and offers Potenza bar coffee machines designed to create the perfect cup from Portioli blends.

To achieve this result GIME aims at the perfect fusion of mechanics and electronics and offers the customer a Potenza bar machine with a dynamic and ergonomic design, easy to use and able to interpret all the love for coffee with the most innovative engineering.

The proposal of Potenza professional machines is characterized by Italian design, high construction technology, and the quality of materials and solutions used. Among those proposed to the barista customer are:

– Opera: the Potenza coffee bar machine with essential design and high performance

– Sinfonia: the machine that combines great elegance and the latest technology

– Melodia: the coffee machine that turns the cup into a daily ritual

All you have to do is contact Portioli to find out all the features of Potenza coffee bar machines and buy the one that best suits your needs.