Coffee roasting Cagliari

When looking for the best Cagliari coffee roaster it is good to know that the best roaster is the one that meets the customer’s needs. Among the things to ask about coffee roasters there is the quality of the raw material, but not only. The decision must be made by judging:

  • Coffee quality
  • Continuous and timely assistance
  • Transparent prices

Let us see the individual aspects in detail.

Coffee roasting Cagliari – The quality of coffee

Serving a good coffee is the best way to build customer loyalty and the best taste and aroma more than the price of the cup are important to make the consumer decide where to drink the coffee. For this reason, in addition to caring for the environment and quality service, fine raw materials are essentials, which give the perfect cup of espresso.

The importance of service

The seriousness of Cagliari coffee roasting can be seen from the service it offers to customers. For this reason, those who rely on Portioli receive excellent coffee and always working equipment.

Transparency and fairness – Key elements

Each place and bar has a certain budget to devote to coffee roasting and for this reason, it is important to rely on transparent and correct suppliers, controlling not only the hidden costs, but also the quality of the blend. A trusted coffee roaster will be able to advise you on the best choice for costs and benefits.

Coffee roasting – The process

Portioli begins the roasting phase by selecting the raw coffee beans in the countries of origin, which arrive in the factory packaged in big bags. At this point the roasting process begins, which includes four distinct phases:

– Cleaning and sorting of raw coffee: the beans are unloaded and transferred to the tarara for cleaning. Once the impurities and waste have been eliminated, the raw coffee ends up in the destoner, a machine that eliminates foreign bodies. The last stage of this important phase is optical sorting, with which the unwanted colour grains to be eliminated are identified according to analytical parameters. This is a phase in which cutting-edge tools are used in order to obtain an excellent result

Roasting: A fundamental and delicate process requires the knowledge, precision and passion of professional experts. Each coffee is different, in roasting Portioli enhances the organoleptic characteristics of the raw bean, defining an identity card for the coffee. The roasting ends with air-cooling in special tanks

Blending: each coffee blend comes from a precise recipe and different single origins expertly roasted

Packaging: the blended coffee is transferred to the storage silos, and then to the rotary ones which separates the whole coffee beans from the broken ones. Once this step has been completed, the coffee is poured into the multiple packaging machines, which will produce different formats, suitable for all uses

Those who choose Cagliari Portioli coffee roasting must know that the entire production cycle takes place in the company plant in order to be able to follow each production phase with the utmost care and attention. The result is a coffee of the highest quality, designed to meet the needs of a market and consumers who are increasingly attentive. Contact us for more information!