Coffee roasting for bars Taranto

Those who want to be successful with their coffee bar must choose the best coffee roasting company for bars Taranto, and in this case, Portioli is the perfect partner to have always-smiling customers, who choose the bar for the taste and aroma of the espresso they find daily.

How to choose coffee roasting company for bars

Portioli is the coffee roasting company for bars Taranto that ensures the bar’s long-term success, since it always offers high quality blends and a product of unquestionable value. That is why it is important to know which variety of coffee to choose to bring in the cup:

– An espresso with a rich and strong taste, as customers like it

– A balanced aroma typical of the classic Italian espresso

– A high Arabica content for an espresso that is always sweet and delicate, suitable as much for breakfast as for mid-morning and afternoon breaks

When choosing a coffee roasting company for bars Taranto, it is important to focus on those who, like Portioli, offer fast and decisive assistance and items for bars and cafeterias that allow them to be recognized and remain in customer’s mind.

Coffee roasting for bars – The importance of the right blend

In addition to Robusta and Arabica coffee varieties, a good coffee bar roaster Taranto offers customers different blends.  For example, in Portioli the entire coffee production cycle takes place inside our factory. This allows us to carefully and attentively follow every single production phase, always guaranteeing a high quality of our products on the market.

The result is always a coffee with a unique, sweet and full-bodied taste. An excellent coffee roasting company also takes care of choosing only the best raw materials. For each individual quality of coffee for bars, Portioli takes care of performing:

  • Evaluation tests of the characteristics of the production 
  • Control test of raw coffee samples for approval of purchased lots for boarding clearance
  • Similar testing upon arrival in Italy, prior to use for roasting

Ours is a roaster as it once was, and Portioli coffee blend has always given the original flavour of the best coffee, thanks to the selection of the finest beans.

Coffee for bars in Taranto – Products

Portioli chooses the best coffee and high-quality beans, combining them expertly to offer baristas the best blends in beans. In addition to this it offers a special blend for espresso coffee made of the best qualities of ground and pressurized coffees and coffee in the practical single-serve format, to keep all the aroma and taste of coffee intact.

As you can see, there are many coffee proposals for Taranto bars that Portioli recommends to baristas who wants to remain in customer’s mind for offering the best coffee, the one that delights the palate at any time of the day and that one never tires of drinking it.