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Are you a dealer?

New ideas and methods useful for achieving your business goals, shared in “open days” with dedicated consultants who can understand your real business needs.

With our Academy, trainers and consultants, from business realities close to yours, come alongside you sharing professional training focused on your business. This way you can define and build with them a real growth path for your business and your employees.

A course made up of different stages with theoretical parts followed by lots of practice:

from the Espresso Experience course during which you will learn the basic rules of coffee processing, to the Sensory Coffee Skills course, two days during which, through an expert taster, you will recognize the aromatic notes of different coffees.

A complete training that also includes two Digital Marketing courses dedicated to online communication and promotion of your business and a Coffee Photography course with the objective of learning the knowledge needed to create a content that will enhance your business.

In our Academy courses, you will be an active participant in identifying your goals, improve the effectiveness of your communication and receive the tools and methods useful for achieving your goals.


Espresso Experience

You will learn the basic rules for making the perfect espresso and cappuccino

Sensory Coffee Skills

You will learn about different extraction methodologies i.e. coffee makers and learn the proper preparation of related products used in the coffee shop

Digital Marketing 1

Introduction to the world of marketing and digital marketing

Digital Marketing 2

Create content and publish it effectively on the main social networks to promote your business

Coffee Photography

Create content with your smartphone to create images and enhance your business


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