Coffee does not lose its appeal even in hot weather and during summer/late summer time; Italians love to enjoy this beverage by taking inspiration from some super tasty recipes.

From a nutritional point of view, coffee contains substances, in addition to caffeine, with important antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. This makes it the drink of choice for replenishing the minerals lost from the body more frequently and in greater quantities through sweating. Its impact on the cardiovascular system also prevents heat-induced dizziness.

Here is the end-of-summer recipe for iced coffee and other ways to enjoy espresso even in hot weather. Among the proposals recommended for fans of this drink is the water-based coffee cream, which is prepared with instant coffee, water and sugar, or the classic one with ristretto coffee and cream to be topped with bitter cocoa. Just super recipes for an energy-boosting break and a rejuvenating after-meal.

Iced coffee recipes also include coffee semifreddo and coffee ice cream to serve in a convenient cup, as well as iced coffee cake, which can be garnished as desired and is certainly unbeatable in terms of deliciousness.

Why are iced products in fashion at cafés?

The trend and fad for iced coffee products started in 2020 during the lockdown and has seen steady growth over the past two years. Today, iced coffee is among the best anti-heat foods and coffee drinks are as hydrating as water according to research from Wayne State University, despite the fact that caffeine is considered by many to be diuretic and dehydrating.

Coffee thus becomes a cold drink to be sipped leisurely and bartenders make it part of summer cocktails, while pastry chefs invent iced coffee desserts in many variations. How is iced coffee drunk in Italy? Most people like it with whole or crushed ice or “alla leccese” with almond milk. There is no shortage of coffee with cream and affogato with vanilla ice cream or, again, iced coffee with frothed milk and ice is all the rage.

From Lombardy to Sicily, coffee slushies together with pistachio, figs, jasmine, and served with brioche are a must. Sugar is not always included, as the fashion is for the iced product to be consumed bitter or with other already sweet ingredients inside.

How do you prepare the perfect iced coffee?

To prepare this quick and easy recipe, simply buy a Portioli coffee blend and get a large glass filled with ice, a colander and a spoon.

At coffee bars, this coffee is sweetened with sugar cane. The ice must not release water, which should be drained if it does, and in the large glass, you combine espresso, ice, sugar and milk and stir for 2-3 seconds: your iced coffee is ready.

Two special iced coffee recipes

Shaken coffee – A fashionable recipe

Coffee lovers have always loved shaken coffee, which turns the barista into a barman, especially if he can also recreate the froth. In this case, the ingredients and method of sweetening the coffee are the same as for iced coffee, and the coffee is prepared with a coffee machine or moka and then poured into a shaker filled with ice.

At this point, it is whisked vigorously for 15 to 20 seconds and the contents are poured into an iced cup with the coffee first pouring down liquid followed by foam. At this point, you can serve directly or open the shaker and add cream to the cup.

The recipe for gourmets – Coffee and cream cup

Cream and coffee are two ingredients that go perfectly together and, already excellent on their own, become perfect combined in this end-of-summer recipe: the coffee and cream sundae, perfect for the last heat of October. This is a recipe to offer guests as a summer pampering and which becomes even tastier when flavoured with whisky or vanilla cream.

To make this preparation you need 250 ml whipping cream and 200 ml Portioli coffee sweetened to taste, left to cool and flavoured with whisky cream. The cream is frozen into cubes; the coffee is prepared and sweetened. In the blender, add the frozen cream cubes and the coffee, vanilla and whisky, then blend, mix vigorously and make the coffee creamy.

It is then poured into large cups and glasses and brought to the table. It is the perfect end to a meal to delight guests and a true delicacy that will win over even the most discerning palate.

Portioli’s advice is to use a special blend like our Espresso all’Italiana to increase the pleasure. It is a blend composed of 60% Arabica and 40% Robusta with a medium caffeine content that is obtained with the traditional roasting by Portioli since 1958.

This coffee comes from fine beans, selected, roasted and ground to preserve the fragrance and enhance the aromas and taste when brewed. To the palate, it is an espresso with a balanced and traditional taste, fruity hints and a rounded aroma. Characterising this blend, which has always fascinated connoisseurs, are the passion and vitality of what has always been the best Italian Espresso.