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Torrefazione Portioli:
The love for coffee in exclusive cups

Torrefazione Portioli’s new cup collection for 2022 includes 6 espresso cups and 6 porcelain cappuccino cups with matching saucer. This exclusive collection reveals the journey of coffee from beans to cups.

2022 Portioli’s collection cups are characterized by six images on a light grey background, in which the main subject stands out thanks to the use of dark, marked strokes. Each subject is characterized by a fuchsia detail that reminds Torrefazione Portioli’s love and passion for espresso coffee. 

Designed entirely by hand by our graphics department, the new Portioli’s collection mugs are distinguished by their subtle, soft lines and pleasant shapes.

Coffee journey – The magic of a story in 6 stages

The story of the new collection cups tells of the magical journey of coffee in 6 stages, from beans to cups:

As you can see, this is a truly unique and special journey: a touch of artistry and sophistication that characterizes the coffee break in your café.