2022 CALENDAR – From beans to cups in 365 days

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In 2022 Portioli calendar, the historic Portioli collections cups become the stars on the scene of a great 12-month long tale and the journey of coffee from beans to cups. All this by placing each collection of coffee cups under the expertise of the artist and photographer Nicola Allegri.

2022 Portioli calendar – Features

Portioli 2022 calendar traces the designs, thoughts, and hallmarks of the brand’s mug lines, from the Mosaic collection, which tessellations, colours, and mosaicists to Le Capitali, in which wonderful European cities tell their stories. There is also the Beauty Coffee collection, with a look at revealed beauty or the Portioli Passion line, in which the precious and indispensable passion for espresso steals the show.

Each collection of cups is the undisputed protagonist of the scene and stands out against a cinematic-style set design to bring to life a project created by Portioli to lead coffee lovers on a magical 365-day journey.

Every two years Portioli creates a collection of cups and a calendar to fill the days of coffee lovers. From the 1990s to the present days here is the list of projects that have followed, each with a different topic, all designed to give magical suggestions: