2023 Portioli Calendar:

An emotional journey inside the Portioli World.

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A collection of moments captured by photographer and storyteller Nicola Allegri, to discover everything behind a cup of coffee.

The doors of the roasting plant open, the aroma of coffee expands, and a smile welcome
us; this is how our journey into the Portioli World begins.

We walk through the corridors meeting people and thoughts that are always in motion, where colour and creativity mix to give birth to new projects and ideas. 

We continue our journey and discover where the harmonious and selected notes of our magical blends are kept. 

The first encounter is between raw coffee and the cleaning and sorting plant, love and passion then continue with the fantastic art of roasting to carefully enclose and preserve all the aromas and flavours of our blends. 

Through numbers and formulas, we constantly confirm the recipe for quality as hands meticulously shape what minds design creating clever machines.

Thanks to our 2023 calendar, you will be ready to experience a 60-year journey to bring the wonder of our coffees to the rest of the world.

“I really enjoyed telling Portioli’s story using these images. They bring people together, who look like ants in front of the size of the machines, as if they were guardians of ancient dragons. At the same time, they become giants in the face of a seed, which is selected and guarded in the drawers of the pantry, with the passion of yesteryear. Moreover, I love the power of symbolic images. Moreno, Sarah and Mattia at the bottom, in the center of lines converging toward them.”

Photographer: Nicola Allegri