Portioli is not only a company in Milan that offers the best blends for domestic and professional use, but also a company that manufactures and sells state-of-the-art coffee machines to give everyone the pleasure of a perfect cup.

Design and marketing of coffee machines by Portioli

GIME – or Gruppo Italiano Macchine Espresso – is the Portioli Group Company that designs and sells coffee machines both in Italy and abroad. The GIME group is 100% owned by the Portioli family, which offers a perfect solution for an increasingly wide and articulated bar-customer service.

Not only: GIME coffee machines are designed to be used in perfect harmony with Portioli blends and are characterized by the perfect fusion of mechanics and electronics, dynamic and ergonomic design, ease of use and consistency of quality. In short, GIME interprets all the love for coffee and the most innovative engineering.

The perfect coffee machines for the Portioli blend

Buying the best coffee machine is like buying a car, and the perfect machine must give you a quality beverage by offering functionality, optimal performance and aesthetics with attention to detail.

The professional coffee machine must respond perfectly to the workflow, allowing serving high-quality beverages at a high pace, the domestic one becomes a furnishing element with great attention to details and finishes. In any case, the bar counter and the coffee corner at home become stages where the magical journey from bean to cup is staged every day, a journey made even more special by Portioli.

Equal importance in choosing the perfect Portioli blend machine should be given to design, especially for coffee machines for domestic use and that find space in the kitchen or office. In this sense, a GIME coffee machine offers the right combination of refined design and perfect operation to enjoy perfect coffee every time.

All GIME coffee machines are designed mostly for bar and professional use and to get the most out of the Portioli blend and are the result of the best Made in Italy bringing Italian excellence throughout our country and worldwide. Strengths include quality of espresso, materials and design. A good coffee machine for professional use guarantees high performance and is characterized by being a reliable and durable product.Innovation and design at the heart of our products

The Portioli coffee machine from GIME Group is a machine that not only offers great functionality, but also cutting-edge design to always have the perfect espresso without sacrificing aesthetics. Our Miss P home-use machine is perfect to put on display in the kitchen, and coffee bar machines enrich the counter in terms of technology and beauty.

GIME Group products are characterized by 100% Made in Italy Design and appeal to all those who believe in espresso as the perfect combination of taste, technology, high performance and aesthetic factor.

Professional machines line

GIME professional machines are the synthesis of the great experience and tradition of the best equipment manufacturers and are distinguished by their Italian design, high construction technology, and the quality of materials and solutions used. Among the models offered you can find following ones.


Opera coffee machines are professional machines with particular attention to every detail. They are designed for those who make ease of use their workhorse, without sacrificing quality and performance guaranteed over time.

Equipped with a single boiler with a thermosiphon circuit, the machine is able to meet the high standards of beverage quality thanks to the careful study of its technical characteristics, made specifically for our blends. The temperature control by means of a pressure switch, associates ease of use with the constancy of thermal stability of the groups; a fundamental characteristic for maintaining the organoleptic qualities of the coffee dispensed. Made with high quality materials, it allows the barista to work with rapid precision and minimal effort to offer customers a high quality service.


Sinfonia is the coffee machine designed with a special attention to form, colour and detail and fits right into any type of decor by diversifying into three models:

– SMART semi-automatic or automatic

– PLUS automatic

– TALL CUP automatic

The rounded and functional profiles of the components make it possible to work at ease, meeting the customer’s needs in the best possible way. The high quality graphic display keeps the operator up-to-date on machine status while the new “tilted” knobs make operation extremely fast and precise. For a unique and unmistakable design. Innovative. In fact, Sinfonia is able to maintain constant temperatures over time without variations, promoting the maintenance of the organoleptic qualities of the product in the cup, all to the benefit of less limescale formation.


Among GIME’s best-loved machines is Melodia, the new FAP capsule machine conceived and designed to offer great energy savings and allow simple in-cup dispensing without the use of a grinder. This is a professional capsule machine with a sleek and elegant design, small, but with great versatility. Thanks to the convenient water tank housed inside and the dual boiler (one for coffee/one for steam), Melodia can meet all your needs.

Home and office lines

Alongside professional coffee machines, GIME has also thought of the home and office line, and in this case the key player is the Miss P coffee and cappuccino machine, which guarantees an exceptional result in the cup whether you prepare Italian-style espresso, long coffee or decaffeinated coffee or prefer to buy Portioli single-origin blends.

In conclusion, those looking for a professional or domestic coffee machine capable of combining design and technology should definitely choose a product proposed by GIME – Gruppo Italiano Macchine Espresso – the company 100% controlled by Portioli that caters to the private and business customer. Contact us for more information!