Latte Art is a special technique of decorating milk and coffee drinks, from cappuccinos to lattes, on which special decorations are created. Although drawing hearts and leaves in the coffee cup may seem simple, latte art is a skill learned only through training courses that aim to create the perfect cappuccino and macchiato, the one with which to truly pamper your customers.

What to take into consideration when making LATTE ART?

The factors to consider when it comes to LATTE ART are many from the right temperature to the density of the cream, from the tilt of the milk jug to the position of the wrist while pouring the drink into the cup.

The designs to be made are also really many and varied: stylized flowers, hearts, swirls, stars and swans come to life in the cup from the skill of the barista for a coffee that is enjoyed twice: first with the eyes and then with the palate.

Many internationally renowned master baristas manage to reproduce in the cup even complex images such as characters from Star Wars or cartoons like Dragon Ball. In this way, even children love the classic glass of milk even more, and the secret of the best latte art lies in surprising the customer. The consumer who receives a cup resembling a work of art feels pampered and has an experience to be remembered in time. However, that is not all: more and more baristas are using latte art to build customer loyalty and entice them to return to the bar repeatedly to discover new creations.

Latte Art worldwide – An innovation that everyone likes

Certainly, espresso and cappuccino are symbols of Italian quality and excellence, but Latte Art can be found worldwide, and there are many competitions and events involving baristas. Think also of the innovative 3D LATTE ART, which creates relief figures and characters in the cup that seem to come to life.

There is also no shortage of baristas who paint on coffee using cocoa and toppings and draw with nibs or wooden toothpicks to bring exceptional creations to life. Therefore, LATTE ART brings numerous benefits to the café in terms of service quality and brand image enhancement.

Portioli’s tips for LATTE ART

As mentioned, LATTE ART is a cappuccino and latte decoration with which the barista creates figures on the milk cream. It is a way to show off one’s skill, but also to pamper customers who enjoy taking pictures of the drawings and posting them on social media. This creates a new stream of consumers in the establishment, people who want to make their breakfasts unique.

To start making LATTE ART, however, you need the right and professional tools such as a steel milk jug with well-shaped spouts. This should be filled to half the capacity with fresh whole milk, cold from the refrigerator, and the milk cream should be created with the steam wand so that it is thick and creamy. At this point, the milk cream is poured into the cup with coffee and favourite figures are created.

Making LATTE ART is not easy and it really takes a lot of patience. The barista must know how to manage the pouring of the milk cream and move around to create real works. Basic figures include the leaf, heart and tulip, but there is nothing to stop you from getting endless designs by helping yourself with a latte art pen equipped with a double-tipped pen.

Pampering customers is the job of every barista, and working with milk cream and cocoa colours makes it possible to bring to life a cup of beautiful and irresistible espresso. All that is left is to equip oneself with the right accessories such as Portioli milk jugs, high-quality milk and excellent espresso blends such as those offered by Portioli, and then unleash the imagination to the delight of young and old alike.