The goal of every barista is to earn more money and work better, and for this in addition to coffee, the bar must equip itself with extra features and services to attract always-new customers. Today more than in the past, it is complex to deal with the growing competition. What needs to be done? Here are Torrefazione Portioli’s tips for opening a successful coffee shop and always having the tables and counter crowded with customers.

Bar services – Tasty breakfast for young and old alike

Today more than ever, the coffee shop is the place to treat oneself to a tasty break, both in the morning and in the afternoon. Workers and students go to cafés to have a delicious breakfast that includes coffee and croissants, shortbreads or cookies.

To offer an extra service, the barista can set up a reading corner with the best newspapers and magazines, to prolong the customer’s stay at the bar and prompt him or her to order, in addition to the classic espresso, more drinks such as cappuccino or latte macchiato.

In this way, breakfast at the café becomes a pleasant moment not only for children, won over by the fragrance of pastries and croissants, but also for adults.

The importance of a good coffee for a tasteful break

In addition to breakfast, many people have the pleasant habit of going down to the coffee shop to take a tasty break from the routine of study and work.

At the coffee shop, they can find a few minutes to chat cordially with the barista, take a break with students or exchange ideas with colleagues, all with the best espresso.

This should be matched with the presence of trained and friendly staff who know how to create a trusting relationship with customers.

The success of the coffee shop depends on word of mouth

Finding new customers and competing with the neighbouring coffee shop means working with reviews, word of mouth and online presence, but on the ability to organize special events such as breakfasts dedicated to different regions of Italy, in which coffee remains the star together with traditional sweets.

Breakfast for the students is a typical initiative in university settings, and more and more cafes are offering coffee and cappuccinos with a subscription formula to build customer loyalty. There is also no shortage of initiatives to bring new customers to get to know the café…you are spoiled for choice!

Bar services – Coffee with something extra

To the traditional barista who relies heavily on customers coming for coffee in the morning or at other times of the day, Portioli recommends that along with the cup of espresso they also offer shortbread, cookies, chocolates and other sweet treats. For this, you can buy from Torrefazione Portioli:

● White sugar, available in classic sachets or elegant sticks

● Pure brown sugar, available in classic sachets

● Fructose, available in sachets and perfect for drinks with the natural sweetness of fruit

● Acacia honey sachets, 100% Italian

● Portioli Dragée, chocolates made with whole hazelnuts wrapped in the finest milk chocolate

● “Dolcezze di frolla”, shortbread pastries with a light cinnamon aftertaste

These are small pampering treats appreciated by customers and will lead them to return to the café and make positive word-of-mouth referrals contributing to its success. Opening and keeping a coffee shop profitable is not easy, but with Portioli’s advice and the quality of excellent coffee, the road to success is easier. The proof of the pudding is in the eating!