Coffee break is a true sensory experience, a pleasure that, for a moment, solicits multiple senses: smell, taste and sight. All this is possible thanks to high quality products and innovative services, under the banner of Portioli taste and style, a company dedicated to coffee processing.

A history of coffee trough different generations

The history of Portioli’s coffee company has old origins. For more than 60 years, Torrefazione Portioli has been dedicated to the production of coffee blends for the Ho.Re.Ca professional channel, made by selecting the best qualities of Arabica and Robusta directly in the producing countries and roasting them by single origin. This particular method allows respecting and enhancing all the organoleptic characteristics of each quality. Torrefazione Portioli carries out all phases of the production cycle in-house, from the selection and cleaning of coffee, through roasting and blending to the packaging and storage of the blends.

A love for coffee through 4 generations based on values and traditions combined with attention to research and innovation. 

From 1958 until today – A very successful journey

Coffee processing in Portioli is a story that looks back to 1958 and gradually sees over the years a continuous success, thanks to the passion and expertise of the family specialized in coffee roasting.

1958 Giorgio Portioli bought a tasting bar on Via Eustachi in Milan, where he began with a roasting machine to produce and sell coffee blends of the highest quality. 

1962 seeing the positive feedback, Giorgio Portioli decides to expand by buying a building at 36 Via Boncompagni, also in Milan. An important milestone as the bar turns into a real company 100% dedicated to coffee processing

1972 Moreno Portioli, Giorgio’s son joined the company and began roasting and tasting the different blends. This is where his love and passion for coffee began. 

The success they found led Giorgio and Moreno Portioli to distribute their blends in bars and coffee shops throughout Italy. 

1989 the company moved to larger premises located in Caleppio di Settala in the province of Milan, where it began exporting worldwide.

1997 Sarah, Moreno’s daughter moves her first steps inside the company starting from the accounting office and in 2005 the second son Mattia Portioli enters, who instead devotes himself to the study and production of professional coffee machines of Gime (Gruppo Italiano Macchine Espresso), a brand of Torrefazione Portioli founded in 2003.  

2018 Portioli Family bought a piece of land in Zelo Buon Persico in the province of Lodi where a new technologically advanced coffee processing plant was built with a focus on the environment.

Still leading the company today are Moreno, Mattia and Sarah Portioli.


Savouring a cup of coffee is a moment of recharge, well-being and contemplation. It is the fulfilment of a desire, but also an indispensable habit. 

With this image, the Portioli Group presents itself as the guarantor of espresso “to the highest standard.” Since 1958, Torrefazione Portioli has been dedicating all its efforts and resources to a single purpose: channel with the best coffee blends and everything around the world of espresso in terms of products and services. This is precisely the company’s mission. Continuous research and technological innovation with the introduction of products, projects and services that satisfy customers and market needs. 

In fact, Portioli’s offer flanks the different qualities of blends with a variety of marketed products to enrich the moment of the break at the bar and, as a distinctive factor of the company, a wide range of merchandising to customize it with style. 


Portioli is not just a simple coffee roasting company but represents a real 360° Service Company. The approach to customers is not functional only to the mere sale of coffee, but aims to create a real sharing relationship with baristas, in order to come together in one common project. This makes Portioli an extremely dynamic and constantly evolving company, and careful to intercept the speed of social changes, the change of consumption habits, making itself ready to create appropriate services and commercial projects.  

Why Portioli coffee? 

Because each package contains a work of art. The quality of Portioli’s coffee is not only described and represented, and like works of art, the quality is perceived and appreciated. Because professionals are placed at the center of a healthy design relationship, enhanced by elegant and distinctive marketing.


Over the years, the Company has carried out a major rebranding of its logo with the aim of adapting to market needs and demands, but without losing its true nature. The lines, shapes, styles and design, have changed over time and the Company has been able to quickly adapt to it.

In the early 1960s’ with the change from Bar to Torrefazione in Via Buoncompagni, the Company purchased the existing Tomoka brand alongside the Buongustai brand. Both brands spread to Milan and province. In the early 1980s’ the Torrefazione slowly expanded, also addressing all the other provinces and regions of Italy. It was during the years of the economic boom that brought about the need to think of a real logo. Thus, it was from the thought and foresight of Giorgio Portioli, founder of the Company, that the current Portioli’s logo was born. The idea was to create a unique and distinctive sign, which at the same time reminded and recalled the Italian espresso to perfection. Even the choice of colour was not accidental, but well thought out with the aim of distinguishing itself from all the other coffee roasters that used classic coffee colours such as brown, red, beige etc. We thus reach 1988, the year in which the Portioli’s logo became a real brand. Initially accompanied by different claims such as “Torrefazione“, “1958” up to its completely clean and essential version. In 2018 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Company, a restyling of the brand is made, which gives birth to the new logo defined “Portioli Style”, still used today.

An exclusive sign that flanks the Portioli’s logo, a line drawn in a single, rapid movement that outlines the “face” of the brand. A sign that describes a portion of a 60-year journey of passion for espresso and anticipates a journey toward the future, a tradition that is strengthened by renewing itself. This trait now characterizes all our products, from the packaging of the blends, the commercialized products, and the cups to our clothing line. The goal is to offer our customers a coordinated image within the premises, in line with what we call “The Portioli Style”.

Another distinctive element of the company is undoubtedly the fuchsia colour. An unusual colour for coffee companies, chosen by Giorgio Portioli with his precise purpose of standing out from the competition. A cheerful, sparkling and spirited colour that symbolizes optimism, positivity and good mood. A new logo, a very precise strategy and commercial choice, different but above all avant-garde in those years when coffee was a strongly masculine product.