Cold Brew Coffee is a summer coffee drink that is smooth, refreshing and increasingly popular. In this article, we will find out what Cold Brew is, how to prepare it, and when the best time to enjoy it is.

Cold Brew – Definition

Cold Brew is a coffee-based beverage that differs from iced coffee in its extraction process. To make Cold Brew, coarse ground coffee is left to steep in cold water for an extended period of time, usually between 12 and 24 hours, after which the grounds are removed. This extraction method creates a less acidic but smooth-tasting beverage that can be served over ice. The drink can be left concentrated or diluted with water or milk, depending on preference.

The origins of Cold Brew Coffee can be traced back to Kyoto, Japan, where the first attempts at cold brewing coffee are believed to have been made in the 16th century. Coffee was extracted drop by drop, a traditional and fascinating process. Later, many Asian countries developed their own version of Cold Brew, using cold extraction methods or even soluble coffee. In the United States, this beverage has only gained popularity in the last decade.

How to prepare Cold Brew

Preparing Cold Brew Coffee is simple and requires few manual operations, making it perfect for coffee shops that want to create a unique and elegant coffee experience. You can experiment with different coffee roasts, but the grind should be coarse.

For a delicious result, it is recommended to use a dark or medium roast, preferably 100% Arabica. With Cold Brew, different nuances of flavours emerge from the coffee beans, and darker roasts prove particularly suitable, giving a nutty, chocolatey flavour with an enveloping, smooth aroma.

The perfect time for Cold Brew

Contrary to what you might think, cold brew coffee is an age-old practice found in many cultures. Today, it is widely enjoyed during the summer season, becoming a favourite beverage in coffee shops and among coffee lovers.

Cold Brew Coffee is an ideal choice for those who want to refresh themselves with a less acidic, smooth-tasting coffee drink. It can be enjoyed at any time of day, whether in the morning to start the day with energy or in the afternoon for a relaxing moment.

Cold Brew Coffee is a delicious and versatile summer coffee drink. With its unique extraction process and the ability to experiment with different roasts, it offers a pleasant coffee experience that will satisfy the tastes of many coffee lovers. Please try Cold Brew and enjoy this fresh and satisfying beverage.