Since 1958, Portioli means Made in Italy and quality when it comes to espresso and coffee machines for bars and HORECA channel. This brand has always been characterised by innovation and continuous evolution and is aimed at all those baristas who pay extra attention to the customer and consider the coffee ritual as a moment of daily wellbeing.


Since 1958, Torrefazione Portioli has put its expertise at the disposal of its customers, preserving over time an exclusive vocation for the professional Horeca channel. 

This mission moves the Company toward continuous research and technological innovation to provide ever-new projects and services that satisfy customers and market needs. 

Portioli deals with everything around the world of coffee: quality blends together with a wide range of different products, merchandising and communication activities. 

Today Torrefazione Portioli is an international reality that produces and sells its coffee in bars and businesses on all four continents. What distinguishes and makes it unique is the continuous search for excellence in all fields, without losing its own identity, the meeting of innovation and tradition that come together to remain always in step with the times without forgetting the Made in Italy tradition.


The acronym GIME stands for Gruppo Italiano Macchine Espresso and it is the Portioli Group Company that designs and sells professional coffee machines in Italy and abroad, designed to support baristas and meet the different needs of the market, always guaranteeing a quality service. 

Owned 100% by the Portioli family, GIME also guarantees machines that are perfectly suitable for Portioli’s blends. Thanks to their technology, they are able to bring out all the qualities and organoleptic characteristics of each blend to the fullest. 

Gime’s coffee machines represent the perfect fusion of mechanics and electronics and are characterized by their ergonomic design, reliability and ease of use.  

In short, GIME interprets all love for coffee and the most innovative engineering.


A brand of Torrefazione Portioli, Portioli Express was established in 2021 to give individuals and small businesses the opportunity to also learn about and try some of Portioli’s own blends available in different formats such as beans, grounds, capsules, and pods. 

Portioli Express’ goal is to bring good coffee lovers closer to the brand, to introduce and enjoy quality espresso at home, as well as at the bar. Portioli Express, through its e-commerce, makes available to customers a number of Portioli’s own coffee blends and various marketed items such as sugars, cookies, and chocolates, as well as a range of merchandising products such as porcelain cups and takeaway glasses.

Thanks to Portioli Express, you can recreate your own coffee corner at home or in the office and experience the taste and aroma of Portioli’s coffee. 


Torrefazione Portioli has also founded a brand of services that, with the help of industry professionals, organizes training courses for customers and coffee lovers. A real training course to transmit the culture, art and secrets of coffee with exercises that are carried out in a special space with the latest equipment, coffee machines and tools for state-of-the-art training. 

In addition to the traditional coffee and milk art courses, Torrefazione Portioli has expanded its offerings by including other courses focused on economic store management, along with lessons in social media management to better apply the marketing of its business. The goal is to help and support baristas in their daily job. 

At the end of each course, each participant gets a certification attesting his or her participation in Portioli’s training course.


Tomoka is a coffee brand acquired by Torrefazione Portioli in the 60s.  

This brand has maintained its identity and positioning over the years, renewing its image in step with the times. 

An alternative brand that responds to the multiple needs of coffee professionals, who seek quality at different commercial conditions.