Research and innovation

GIME stands for Gruppo Italiano Macchine Espresso and is the Portioli Group Company that designs and sells coffee machines, in Italy and worldwide. Owned 100% by the Portioli family, GIME intends to offer exclusively to the Portioli sales network a new and different commercial “weapon” for wider and articulated bar-customer service.

It also guarantees machines that are perfectly in line with Portioli blends. With this in mind, GIME underlines certain factors: perfect fusion of mechanics and electronics, dynamic and ergonomic design, and ease of use and consistency of quality. In short, GIME interprets all the love for coffee and the most innovative engineering.

A synthesis of the great experience and tradition of the best equipment manufacturers, GIME professional espresso machines are distinguished by their Italian design, high construction technology, and the quality of the materials and solutions used.

GIME home and office line allows you to enjoy all the taste and quality of Portioli Espresso just like at the bar. In fact, the machines for home and office use are also characterized by high technology and a completely Made in Italy design.