GIME Professional Espresso Machines

GIME professional espresso machines are designed to offer baristas a tool of excellence suitable for preparing the best coffee. Discover here our range!


Appropriately designed with a special attention to form, colour and detail, Sinfonia fits fully into any type of bars and is available in three models:

SMART semiautomatic or automatic
PLUS semiautomatic or automatic
TALL CUP automatic

Sinfonia coffee machine

Rounded, functional profiles allow to work at ease, meeting customer’s needs as best as possible. The high-quality graphic display keeps baristas updated on the machine’s status while the new “tilted” knobs make it extremely fast and precise. For a unique and unmistakable design. The innovative Sinfonia machine is able to maintain constant temperatures over time without variations, promoting the maintenance of the organoleptic qualities of the product in the cup, all to the benefit of less limescale.

Available colours: 

  • Sinfonia Smart: Shadow; Snow. 
  • Sinfonia Plus: Arctic; Wolf; Carbon; Pink.  
  • Sinfonia Ultra: Arctic; Wolf; Carbon; Pink.