Getting new customers for your bar is not easy and the good bartender knows what people want and adapts the service to earn more money and work better. Today, increasing competition makes it difficult to open a business, so it is advisable to work on the way you present yourself to customers, on budget allocation and on creating an effective business plan that includes all costs.

Focus on breakfast

More and more people are choosing to have breakfast at the bar with coffee, cappuccino and croissant. Although considered unhealthy, breakfast at the bar is a magical moment that adds value to your day.

Among the reasons why people have breakfast at the bar are practical and convenience reasons, but also psychological and social ones. It is a true ritual, an appointment capable of crossing generations from the kids before school to university students, from workers to office colleagues. Going to the bar for breakfast means listening and smelling scents and sounds of great vitality.

Everyone experiences the bar differently, from someone reading the newspaper to someone talking to a friend to someone eating breakfast at the counter. In all bars, the café becomes a familiar environment in which to enjoy a few minutes of relaxation, which is not always possible in one’s own home.

Offer organic and lactose-free products

Year by year, the number of people discovering they are coeliac or lactose intolerant or simply want to consume organic products is increasing. These are trends to which the bartender must pay attention and which go beyond fashion and for this reason the bar’s offer must include alternative foods such as organic, lactose-free and gluten-free or other ones.

In this way, the bartender will always be able to win new customers and respond to even the most bizarre requests so as to make breakfast at the bar a habit that no one has to give up.

Prefer quality blends

Those who go to the bar are attentive to the smell that pervades the environment and love to be pampered by the taste of the cup of espresso, which gives the day a different sprint and allows you to start work, school and university with the right energy. This is why it is important to choose the tasty and high quality coffee blends offered by Portioli, which has always allowed the barista to maintain a loyal and affectionate clientele.

Whoever wants coffee to become the distinctive feature of the bar must make a quality leap in the choice of the blend and aim for the product with the best quality-price ratio to be served on the counter: Portioli coffee.

Every time, the filter holder and steam wand must be cleaned so that the drink is not undrinkable due to a smoky, burnt taste, and the same applies to the milk, which must be whipped only once so as not to burn it.

Always serve your cup with a smile

How do you serve the perfect coffee? Portioli specialists have no doubts; a good coffee should always be served in a hot cup to maintain the full-bodied espresso.

Every time, the filter holder and steam wand must be cleaned so that coffee is not undrinkable due to a smoky, burnt taste, and the same goes for the milk, which should be whipped only once so as not to burn it.

The competent barista periodically checks the quality of the coffee he serves by tasting it 3-4 times a day to have an espresso that always meets the customer’s expectations.

The best advice, however, is to serve a smile along with the coffee: accompanying each coffee with a smile and a friendly word is a gesture that increases the complicity between barista and customer and lays the foundation for a lasting relationship. Bar customers like to feel listened to and pampered, and baristas know this well: if you notice, you will never have drunk a cup of espresso without having received as an extra gift a moment of happiness, represented precisely by the barista’s smile.

In conclusion, finding and winning new customers at the bar is certainly becoming increasingly difficult, but it only takes a few simple gestures to achieve this goal. Try it to believe!