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Portioli blends are characterised by guaranteed quality and further they are constant in time. Even if they are different in taste and flavour, they share the choice of raw coffees in their original…


For supply to your premises we have provided an excellent range of guaranteed quality products branding them with your name.


The collection of promotions from Portioli has been thought out to support it's clientel in the daily running of it's business with a coordinated and personalised image.

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(1999/2000 Collection)


This collection is infused with mosaic, painting carried out with an infinite number of stones, innumerable pebbles, coloured glasses and precious metals.

Originally a decoration method for small tables, boxes and snuff boxes, mosaic becomes an unequal synthesis of sentiments and devoutness.

With its Byzantine art, it freely expresses the joyfulness of those banquets in the Pagan world, collects legends of saints and stories of chimeras in the medieval floors and transforms itself into an object of curiosity in the Renaissance collections, until becoming a luminous vehicle of modernity in the Viennese period.

Mosaics represent the elation of artistic expression which emanates from the composition of the tesseras skilfully set by the artist to narrate human events.



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