Portioli – Since 1958 love and passion for a good espresso

Since 1958, Portioli means Made in Italy and quality when it comes to espresso and coffee machines for bars and HORECA channel. This brand has always been characterized by innovation and continuous evolution and is aimed at all those baristas who have an extra attention for customers and understand coffee as a well-being ritual.

All the quality of Portioli’s products

Every coffee shop lives by the ritual, daily repeated by millions of Italians, of going out for a cup of espresso in the morning or in the middle of the day. The coffee break has always been a real sensory experience, a pleasure that, for an instant, embraces several senses: smell, taste and sight. This is why coffee bars, that choose Portioli’s roasting products, find high quality and innovative services, taste and innovation for an always-excellent espresso. From coffee machines to the best Robusta and Arabica blends and its merchandising, Portioli is the brand loved by baristas aiming for excellence.


Coffee bars, that choose Portioli coffee, can offer customers the best qualities of Arabica and Robusta chosen from the local production and carefully selected to achieve a unique symphony orchestra of flavours. B


Portioli’s products are tasty alternatives to make your bar’s offer complete and diversified, able to meet the demands at different times of the day. A wide range of Potioli’s complementary products for bars and quality-guaranteed.


Portioli’s merchandising collection is designed to support professionals in their daily routine giving bars an aligned and personalized image that allows them to stay in the customer’s mind for a long time.

Coffee Machines

The acronym GIME stands for Gruppo Italiano Macchine Espresso and is the Portioli Group Company established in 2013 that designs and sells professional coffee machines in Italy and abroad. Designed, engineered and built in Italy by Portioli’s team of industry professionals and roasting company, Gime’s professional coffee machines are designed to work alongside baristas and meet the different needs of the market, always guaranteeing quality service.

Main ingredients of 60 years of success