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Portioli Academy is born!

An interesting course aimed at professionals in the Ho.re.Ca sector, such as dealers who are looking for comprehensive training, and baristas who want to enrich the offerings of their premises, but also to coffee lovers who want to deepen their knowledge on this subject.

What is the Academy about?

The Academy delves into topics related to the world of coffee, equipment found in coffee shops, as well as the economic management of the business. Courses include trending topics such as digital marketing, social media management and photography.

What goals does the Academy have?

Portioli Academy aims to offer all dealers, bartenders and coffee lovers training that is useful, practical and immediately applicable to their work environment. Through the courses, it aims to ensure personal and professional growth, enriched by the knowledge acquired during the training.

Why has Portioli Academy been created?

The goal is to share a working method that takes advantage of specific knowledge and skills, allowing each participant to develop a practical and useful career path, to work within the Ho.re.Ca. sector.

In this course, you will immerse yourself in the magical world of coffee, together with industry experts who will guide you in special classrooms, revealing all the rules, methods and techniques that characterize this special drink. However, that is not all: you will have the opportunity to explore the production at the heart of the Portioli Coffee Roasting Plant, discovering what happens in the transformation of this beloved beverage.
In addition, marketing and coffee photography courses are provided to promote your business online. This comprehensive professional course will make you more confident in your daily work, ready to face new challenges and aware of the choices and possible solutions to meet the diverse demands of an increasingly up-to-date and informed clientele.

And then?

Join and try our Portioli Academy!
Professionals in the field will guide you and help you identify useful tools and methods to improve your business in different areas.

Our courses

Our Portioli Academy's courses are designed and structured to provide you with comprehensive and effective training.

Are you a dealer?

We want to grow your business, and it takes more than coffee to do that.

Are you a coffee shop?

Learn the right techniques and strategies for your bar now

Are you a coffee lover?

For you who are passionate about coffee and would like to discover all its secrets


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