Portioli’s marketed products are tasty alternatives to make your bar’s offerings complete and diversified, able to meet the demands at different times of the day. A wide range of complementary products for Portioli branded bars and quality-guaranteed. 

Among the many products, you will find teas and herbal teas made with fine selected raw materials and enclosed in practical and convenient sachets, to offer your bar customers a warm and intense relaxing break or prepared cold as a base for alcoholic and non-alcoholic summer cocktails.

We have to mention also Velvet Portioli, a coffee cream made with balanced ingredients, combining the natural goodness of coffee with the soft embrace of cream, or freeze-dried barley and ginseng, two delicious alternatives to the classic espresso for your customers. Also among the various marketed products, you will find Portioli’s line of chocolates in jars or sachets, perfect for creamy hot or cold beverages as well along with flavour enhancers for a pleasant thrill that will make you start a fascinating journey to discover new flavours in the cup. 

Last but not least, sweetener sachets such as white and brown sugar, sweetener, honey or even fructose. So many alternatives to sweeten your hot drinks and satisfy the different needs of even the most discerning consumers. 

Torrefazione Portioli will therefore select together with customers the blends and format that best suit their needs, also recommending all the possible alternatives of Portioli’s marketed products that can support them in their daily job.