Portioli’s merchandising collection is designed to support professionals in their daily job with an aligned and personalized image touch. Each product is thought to meet the needs and requirements of our customers, but without neglecting the refined design, that underlies Portioli’s style.

Among many products is Portioli’s patented line of porcelain made with the idea of a real Italian espresso but dedicated to all alternative drinks. The line of glass cups, for all those who prefer their coffee “in glass,” an elegant and refined service that satisfies the taste but also the sight. In addition to the cups, you will find also Portioli’s line of bar accessories, such as the counter and table napkin rings, sugar holders, or even the tray and the make-your-own-rest all customized by Portioli, designed to meet the daily needs of coffee professionals.

On top, Portioli’s customized canvas signs, decals and squares, which differ in style, size and material used, but have in common the goal of making bars unique and recognizable. 

Portioli’s merchandising represents a set of communication tools to dress up bars, differentiating them from the competition.