Coffee sensory test

Why choose Portioli coffee? Because of more than sixty years of experience, extreme care and attention to detail, and finally the scrupulous search for the best producers of raw coffee.

Portoli_Il caffè alla prova dei sensi
Portoli_Il caffè alla prova dei sensi

The search for the best production offer is accompanied by periodic visits to the main production sites. Personal acquaintance and direct collaboration with producers allow us to count on increasingly refined and productive areas, territories, subsoils and slopes; we know that there are many variables that can positively or negatively alter the quality of coffee.

We look for the extreme professionalism and the ideal territorial properties to produce the best quality, ever finer and more valuable. This care makes producers proud to sell their coffee to Portioli, because they are sure that excellent quality is well interpreted by a company that acknowledges high quality and has the ability to evaluate it. Quality is therefore tailor-made for Portioli.

Portoli_Il caffè alla prova dei sensi
Portoli_Il caffè alla prova dei sensi_4

Portioli roasts coffee qualities individually, before blending them into a blend. This is a flagship of our company. This is why we can state that our blends are musical orchestras of flavors. “They play in unison, while giving each the value it deserves. All the musical instruments we have bought have to be heard, even the finest, the most subtle, the most romantic, the lightest“.