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In the early 60’s, with the transition from Bar to Torrefazione in via Buoncompagni, the Company acquired the existing Tomoka brand alongside that of Buongustai; both brands spread to Milan and its province. In the early 80’s, the roasting company gradually expanded, starting dealing with other provinces and other Italian regions. The years of the economic boom actually gave rise to the need to think of a logo. It was from the thought and foresight of Giorgio Portioli, founder of the company, that the current Portioli logo was born. The idea was to create a unique and distinctive sign, which at the same time reminded and recalled Italian espresso to perfection. Even the choice of color was not casual, but thought to stand out from all the other coffee roasters that used the classic coffee colors such as brown, red, beige etc. It was in 1988 that the Portioli logo became an actual brand. Initially accompanied by different claims such as “Torrefazione”, “1958” up to its clean and essential version. In 2018, for the 50th anniversary of the company, a restyling of the brand was carried out, which gave life to the new logo called Portioli Style, still used today.

Portioli Style

An exclusive sign alongside the Portioli logo, a line drawn with a single and quick movement that outlines the “face” of the brand. A sign describing a portion of a 60-year journey of passion for espresso and anticipating a journey into the future, towards a tradition that is strengthened by renovation. Today this trait characterizes all our products, from the packaging of the blends, to the traded items, from the cups up to the clothing line. The goal is to offer our customers a coordinated image within the venue, in line with what we call The Portioli Style.

Portioli_Design_Portioli Style


An unusual color for coffee companies, chosen by Giorgio Portioli precisely with the aim of distinguishing itself from the competition. A cheerful, sparkling and lively color that symbolizes optimism, positivity and good humor. A new logo with this fuchsia “little uncommon”, a strategy and a very specific commercial choice, different but above all at the forefront in those years when coffee was a strongly masculine product.

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