Discovering coffee

We take care of selecting, researching and checking with extreme rigor the best qualities of raw coffee that will make up our symphonic orchestra of flavors: the Blend.To always guarantee a high level of raw materials, our quality laboratory carries out specific sensory analyzes, established by an international protocol “which manages” the coffee market.

Portioli_Alla scopertà del caffè_Selezione, ricerca, controllo
Portioli_Alla scopertà del caffè_Dimensione del chicco

First of all, the size of the bean is evaluated with a special coffee sieve. Following is the observation and examination of each individual bean, with the aim of searching for and identifying any defects or anomalies. To this Visual Analysis is given a mark which will then be added to the subsequent gustatory analysis.

The second phase is the Brazilian tasting which involves a lighter medium roast than the one of the espresso. The roasted coffee is then grounded, infused with boiling water and after a few minutes we proceed with the relative tasting. This test is always carried out on several cups.

Portioli_Alla scopertà del caffè_Analisi olfattiva
Portioli_Alla scopertà del caffè_Assaggio

During the tasting all the characteristics of the infusion are evaluated such as sweetness, acidity, fruity nuances, honeyed, chocolaty and spicy aromas. The votes given to this analysis and added to those of the previous visual analysis allow you to approve or reject the coffee sample.The Brazilian tasting or Cupping is the only method used and recognized all over the world by professional tasters both in the producing countries and in the quality laboratories of the various coffee companies.

Symphony of flavors


The Portioli blends contain more than eight qualities of single origin coffees: their combination causes an explosion of flavors that must all be tasted distinctly. It depends on our skill to let you perceive the characteristics of all these qualities. This is why our coffee is a symphony orchestra of flavors.