Discovering coffee

We personally and strictly select, research and check the best qualities of raw coffee purchased by the company that shall be part of the symphonic orchestra of flavors, the blend. To do this, we need to make use of a sensorial analyses, requiring smell, sight, taste. These analyzes are established by an international protocol governing the world of coffee.

Portioli_Alla scopertà del caffè_Selezione, ricerca, controllo
Portioli_Alla scopertà del caffè_Dimensione del chicco

First, the size of the bean is evaluated with a special sieve. A grade is given to the visual analysis to be added to the subsequent olfactory and gustatory analyses.

The olfactory analysis of part of a sample is carried out in cups full of boiling water. The coffee is coarsely ground and then the water is poured (Brazilian method); the result is a sort of infusion ready for tasting. This method is also used in producing countries. This way you come into contact with the drink at an olfactory level.

Portioli_Alla scopertà del caffè_Analisi olfattiva
Portioli_Alla scopertà del caffè_Assaggio

At the right temperature, we move on to tasting to evaluate the features: sweetness, possible acidity, nuances in terms of fruity tastes, floral tastes, chocolaty and honey flavors. Defects are then analyzed. The result of the tasting sheet allows us to approve or reject the sample.

Symphony of flavors


The Portioli blends contain more than eight qualities of single origin coffees: their combination causes an explosion of flavors that must all be tasted distinctly. It depends on our skill to let you perceive the characteristics of all these qualities. This is why our coffee is a symphony orchestra of flavors.