Made in Italy

Made in Italy is a fundamental, never rigid concept, declined according to needs to meet the market demands. Thanks to its quality, the product can be used and transformed with different methods according to the various needs.

Coffee is a ritual, a cult that beings people together: what changes are the habits, the way of drinking it, but for everyone it is a social drink, which establishes a special moment of conviviality, bringing people together.

“This moment of aggregation is often experienced in Latin countries. The product has become very fashionable, a trend, even elsewhere: for the second or third Italian generation in Australia, California, Manhattan or Dublin, a cup of espresso is a way to evoke and emphasize their origins, like a glass of good wine.” (Mattia Portioli)

Portioli_Made in Italy
Portioli_Made in Italy_Produzione

For Portioli, Made-in-Italy is a know-how value, both from the point of view of roasting and in terms of technology. The The machines are studied and designed entirely in Italy, with a smart technique: as a matter of fact Arabica and Robusta require different temperatures, and the machines adapt to the blends for a perfect result.