Mission and Market

Conversation with the Sales Managers

Portioli is an extremely dynamic and constantly evolving company. In some respects we could define it upstream, careful to intercept the speed of social changes, the change in consumption habits, always ready to create adequate services and commercial projects.

Research, development, innovation and distinction are our common denominator. A few examples?
Our approach to customers is not functional to the mere sale of coffee, we also take care of increasing the turnover of the customers we deal with, by sharing a project to grow together also from an entrepreneurial point of view. When we speak of dynamism, we find it in objective proposals: like our packaging and our institutional image, because we care about the details of promotionals items. Innovation and tradition can be found in GIME professional coffee machines, with high-quality components, designed specifically to enhance the brewing of our blends, a real professional clothing line, a range of sweets and beverages by Portioli and numerous other specialties complete the distinction of the brand and its offer.

All of this provides our customers with an extraordinary offer as well as tools for success and economic-professional fullfillment: it is no coincidence that Italian and international high-end cafés have relied on our brand!”

Portioli_Mission e mercato
Portioli_Mission e mercato_Concept bar

Why should a professional or a shopkeeper choose Portioli coffee?

Because each package contains a work of art. Portioli quality is not only indicated and represented; like works of art, quality is perceived and appreciated.

Because the professional is placed at the center of a healthy relationship, and this is fundamental for the achievement of excellent professional and personal skills.

Because what indicated above is embellished with elegant and distinctive marketing. 

Because Portioli coffee is drunk in Italy and all over the world thanks to a serious distribution network with a strong ethical spirit.

“A professional should choose Torrefazione Portioli because for us convincing a customer means co-winning, winning together! Excellent communication skills among people enable interaction and interchange, generating added value also thanks to its presence in different countries. Portioli is not just a roasting company but a real 360° service company. A company producing and trading quality products, and supporting its customers by advising and explaining all sales and business management logics.”