After a careful selection of the individual qualities in the countries of origin, the raw coffee beans arrive at our factory, inside big bags. At this point the precious roasting process gets underway divided into 4 phases:

The first includes Cleaning and Selection of raw coffee: the beans are discharged into the hole, and transferred to the cleaning machine, the Winnower: the selected raw coffee beans are cleaned of impurities and waste. Then, the raw coffee is poured into the Destoner, a machine that removes all foreign matter. The last step of this important phase is Optical Selection, during which the unwanted color beans to be eliminated are identified according to analytical parameters. This phase requires cutting-edge tools to achieve an excellent result.

Portioli_Torrefazione_Pulitura e Selezionatura

The second phase is Roasting, a fundamental and delicate process that requires know-how, precision and passion of skilled professionals. Each quality of raw coffee has its own peculiarities, linked to the origin. For this reason, we carry out a specific roasting for each origin, to enhance and intensify the organoleptic features. All this defines a sort of coffee identity card. The final moment of this phase is air cooling in special tanks.

The third phase consists of Blending: each coffee blend is made according to a specific recipe. The Portioli blends are born through the combination of different single origins, wisely dosed by the expert roaster.


The last phase consists of Packaging: the blended coffee is transferred to the storage silo, and then to the rotating silo that separates the whole coffee beans from the broken ones. Once this step has been completed, the coffee is poured into the various packaging machines, which produce different formats, suitable for all uses.

The entire production cycle of Portioli coffee takes place within our factory. This allows us to follow each production phase with care and attention, to guarantee high quality products on the market.