“More than 33 thousand plastic bottles end up in the Mediterranean Sea every minute,” is how WWF begins its campaign related to issues of combating plastic in the oceans and seas near us. For the past few years, the goal of reducing disposable plastic has been in the focus of bars and restaurants, and more often, the media is talking about it, and initiatives to limit plastic in beaches, outdoor environments, bars and restaurants are born.

All the benefits of being a plastic-free bar

Those who decide to stop the use of single-use plastics and become a plastic-free bar emphasize their commitment to environmental stewardship and protecting the planet by working to eliminate single-use plastic. This commitment, properly communicated to customers, suppliers and stakeholders, enhances the image and reputation of bartenders and restaurateurs.

Not only that, the plastic free bar stands out from the competition and complies with the law, as with the EU Directive 2019/904, Europe includes a provision requiring member states to ban the use of a range of disposable plastic items. Let us look at other benefits related to reducing single-use plastic in bars and restaurants:

Saves on purchases: the initial investment in single-use plastic is notoriously high compared to buying products made of other materials such as cardboard

Improves the efficiency of its catering business: eliminating single-use solutions makes the purchase of supplies efficient and improves the quality of environments for all stakeholders

Eliminates the administrative, economic, and bureaucratic burden of waste

How to reduce single-use plastic in bars and restaurants?

Making your establishment virtuous and reducing single-use plastic in bars and restaurants is only complicated on the surface, and there are many tricks that can be implemented on a daily basis, always following European directives. In particular, it is essential to:

– Reduce single-use plastic products and prefer the environmentally friendly version

– Collect waste in the correct way by paying attention to labels. Legislation requires manufacturers to be increasingly clear and explicit in their explanation of the various materials that make up packaging and in their instructions for proper disposal

– Choose recycled and recyclable products and packaging from virtuous and sustainable suppliers

– Recover and reuse from the perspective that much of what we have hitherto seen only as waste can actually be repurposed and reused for new purposes

Portioli’s commitment to reduce plastic in the bar

Bars and restaurants that choose Portioli can greatly reduce the single-use plastics in the bar. In particular, Torrefazione Portioli offers bartenders bamboo scoops and cardboard take-away cups, as you can see on our website.

This is a concrete commitment to the environment and a testament to the brand’s focus on sustainability, and among the plastic free products for bartenders and restaurateurs, we highlight:

– Bamboo coffee scoops

– Bamboo cappuccino spoons

– Empty jute bag

– Take-away cups of different sizes in cardboard

– Cardboard take-away holders

If you too want to contribute to the preservation of the planet in your coffee shop, you can choose the sustainable disposable accessories offered by Torrefazione Portioli. Visit our site and distinguish yourself from the competition with a range of products that think about bartenders, customers, but most of the entire environment.