For coffee enthusiasts eager to explore new flavours and immerse themselves in different cultures, planning a vacation and search for the best specialty coffee shops can prove to be an exciting and fascinating experience.

Specialty coffee shops are true temples for lovers of high-quality coffee, where beans are sourced worldwide, grown sustainably and then prepared using artisanal methods. Each barista is a coffee expert and knows every detail about where the coffee comes from, how it is grown, roasted, and prepared.

1. Melbourne, Australia – A coffee lover’s paradise

Melbourne is worldwide recognized as Australia’s coffee capital. High quality coffee culture has developed rapidly in recent decades, turning the city into a true paradise for lovers of the black drink. In every corner of Melbourne you can find cozy specialty coffee shops offering a wide selection of coffees from every corner of the planet.

2. Berlin, Germany – An explosion of high-quality coffee shops

Berlin is a city that has seen significant growth in high-quality coffee culture in recent years. Specialty coffee shops are flourishing, offering fine coffees from different parts of the world. Berlin baristas are passionate and knowledgeable, able to offer a unique coffee experience.

3. Seattle, USA – The home of specialty coffee

Seattle is considered the home of specialty coffee in the United States. The city is famous for its many specialty coffee shops that offer high-quality coffees from around the globe. Coffee lovers can delight in a wide range of flavours and discover the authentic passion baristas put into making each cup.

4. Tokyo, Japan – A mix of tradition and innovation

In Tokyo, coffee culture is deeply rooted and constantly evolving. In addition to the ancient tradition of tea, the city has developed a strong passion for specialty coffee. Here, enthusiasts can enjoy coffees prepared with innovative techniques and immerse themselves in a unique blend of tradition and modernity.

5. Cape Town, South Africa -The emerging specialty coffee scene in Africa

Cape Town is becoming increasingly relevant in the specialty coffee scene in Africa. Specialty coffee shops offer fine coffees from different regions of the continent, providing coffee lovers with a unique opportunity to discover authentic flavours and aromas.

6. Oslo, Norway – European specialty coffee excellence

Oslo has established itself as one of Europe’s specialty coffee capitals. Numerous specialty coffee shops offer high quality coffees from all over the world. Oslo residents are known to appreciate fine coffee, prepared with care and passion.

7. Taipei, Taiwan – Passion for coffee and tea tradition

Taipei, a city with a long tradition in tea, is increasingly embracing specialty coffee culture. Here, baristas experiment with innovative techniques, offering a wide range of high-quality coffee.

8. London, UK – Excellence and innovation in the heart of UK

London boasts a strong passion for specialty coffee, with numerous specialty coffee shops offering high-quality coffee accompanied by state-of-the-art brewing methods. The city is a true paradise for coffee lovers looking for unique experiences.

9. Paris, France – Historic cafes and tradition

Paris is famous for its historic coffee shops, which have become an integral part of the city’s social and cultural life. However, specialty coffee shops are also emerging, offering visitors a selection of high-quality coffees in an environment steeped in history.

10. Vienna, Austria – Tradition and innovation in the heart of Europe

Vienna is renowned for its coffee brewing tradition and historic coffee shops. In recent years, the city has seen the emergence of numerous specialty coffee shops, where coffee lovers can enjoy innovative delicacies in a traditional setting.

11. Madrid, Spain – A vibrant specialty coffee scene

Madrid offers a vibrant specialty coffee scene, with establishments dedicated to selecting and brewing high-quality coffees from around the world. Coffee aficionados can enjoy a wide variety of flavours and aromas in this charming Spanish capital.

12. Barcelona, Spain – Innovation and passion for coffee

Barcelona is an energetic metropolis with a vibrant specialty coffee shop scene. Here, coffee lovers can discover high-quality coffees and innovative brewing techniques in a vibrant and inspiring environment.

13. Prague, Czech Republic – A growing coffee scene

Prague is witnessing the growth of its specialty coffee shop scene. Coffee shops offer high-quality coffee in a welcoming atmosphere, providing coffee lovers with an authentic experience in the picturesque Czech city.

Planning a vacation to discover the best specialty coffee shops represents a unique opportunity for coffee lovers to explore the world and discover new passions and arts behind each cup. From artisanal roasters to historic coffee shops, each capital city listed offers a unique experience in which coffee becomes a vehicle for immersing oneself in local cultures and savouring unique delicacies from all over the world. Each cup tells a different story, and by visiting these specialized coffee shops, coffee enthusiasts can appreciate the attention to sustainability, traceability, and creativity in the preparation of this iconic beverage.