The perfect cappuccino is the one the barista prepares from the best Portioli coffee blends and following the 5 L’s rule of the famous Italian beverage. These are Milk, Milk jug, Lance, Processing, Latte Art. Let us see here what they are all about.

Cappuccino – History and origin of the drink

Before we look at how to make the perfect cappuccino, it is important to know the origins of the drink. Contrary to what you might think, the cappuccino does not have Italian origins, but was invented in 1660 by Johan Nieuhof, a Dutch ambassador in China. He created this coffee drink by adding a little milk to espresso.

However, others believe that the inventor of the cappuccino was Franz Georg Kolchitzky who made the liberation of Vienna from the Ottoman siege possible. During the retreat of the Turks, a large number of coffee sacks were left at the camps, which Kolchitzky took as his only reward for the heroic gesture.

Viennese did not like Turkish-style coffee. For this reason, Kolchitzky added a few drops of milk to the black, powdery drink. He also started filtering it so that it would become clearer.

Italian Cappuccino – Characteristics

Italian tradition dictates that the perfect cappuccino contains one espresso and 100-140 ml of fresh, whole milk. The barista must know how to whip the milk to perfection and pour equal parts liquid and cream into the 25-30 ml of espresso. Generally, cappuccino is prepared in a 150-200 ml cup.

To the eye, Italian cappuccino has a brown rim of espresso, also called a ring or crown, but above all, the best barista knows the golden rules of preparation, i.e. the 5 Ls that lead to the perfect cappuccino. Let us see what they are.

5 Ls to prepare the master cappuccino

Certainly, the best Portioli coffee is the basic ingredient for the preparation of the master cappuccino, but to the quality of milk and coffee 5 Ls of the Italian cappuccino must be added. These are:

  • Milk: the milk used to prepare cappuccino is whole milk and not UHT, always fresh and cold (temperature 4°C)
  • Milk jug: the barista will mainly use an 18/10 milk jug with a truncated cone shape and a spout that is not too pronounced. The milk jug should always be kept cold and should never be filled more than half full
  • Lance: the lance must deliver steam constantly and at a pressure of one atmosphere
  • Processing: milk is whipped to cream, and while it oxygenates, the espresso is prepared. The nozzle of the steam lance is then placed in the milk jug to create a vortex and heat the milk as it is frothing. The final temperature is pleasing to the palate and a skilled barista also takes care of the froth weaving
  • Latte Art: the perfect cappuccino is good to taste, but also beautiful to look at and for this reason the master barista works with two milk jugs, one with a narrow, defined spout and another smaller one to pour off the excess micro-foam. Ideally, the milk should be perfectly blended to create designs such as leaves, flowers and hearts in the cup and surprise the customer

Portioli products for cappuccino preparation

To the barista looking for the highest quality for an always-perfect customer service Portioli offers:

  • Milk jugs: Portioli milk jugs are made of steel and available in 3 different sizes, 35, 50 and 75 cl. Each jug has a handle and a shaped spout to pour the whipped milk more easily, separating the foam from the liquid
  • Porcelain cappuccino cup: Portioli cappuccino cups are produced in white porcelain, an ideal material for bar service, resistant to scratches, shocks and frequent washing in the dishwasher. Personalised with the Portioli Style logo and complete with white porcelain saucer, they are ideal for elegant and coordinated bar service
  • Glass cappuccino cup: Portioli glass cappuccino cups are produced in transparent glass, customised with Portioli Style graphics and logo. With simple and essential lines Portioli’s glass cappuccino cups allow to observe at best the colour and the consistency of the drink inside, without losing the taste and the aroma of the Italian cappuccino. Each cup is combined with a matte black saucer for a complete and elegant service in your café.
  • Portioli Barista Kit, consisting of press, press base and thermometer for measuring milk temperature.

Many sweets are available for coffee and the proposal of signs, window stickers and much more to take care of the image of the café in every detail and build customer loyalty.