Today, more than in the past, coffee is a versatile ingredient, perfect to be enjoyed on its own, as a macchiato or spiked at any time of day. It is no coincidence that espresso coffee has rightfully entered the world of mixology and coffee is now the basic ingredient in the preparation of refined drinks and cocktails to be served at the aperitif time. Let us look at some of them.

Coffee at the aperitif – An increasingly important presence

The bartender of tomorrow will have to deal with unusual parameters such as the acidity of Arabica blends and the astringency of Robusta coffees or with the special notes of single-origin coffees offered by Portioli to an increasingly refined clientele that enjoys coffee at every moment of the day, from breakfast in the morning to the aperitif.

In 2005 the discipline of “Coffee in Good Spirity” was born, combining coffee and spirits in mixology and spread in Italy by Fabio Milani. Today, this discipline is constantly growing and expanding, and many cafés offer their customers coffee-based specialities for the aperitif. One example is ‘Coffee and Good Spirits’, the cocktail bar that multiple Italian champion Francesco Corona opened in Cuneo together with his colleague and friend Fabrizio Giraudo.

Main coffee drinks

If you don’t know which coffee drinks to order as an aperitif, then you don’t know about the Black Russian, made with 1 ¾ oz Vodka and ¾ oz coffee liqueur. This cocktail first appeared in 1949, when Gustave Tops served it at the Hotel Metropole in Brussels in honour of the American ambassador of Belgium.

Equally tasty and popular is Brivido Caldo, which is made by mixing the following ingredients: 3 parts Whiskey, 2 parts Grand Marnier, brown sugar and, of course, 5 parts espresso.

Those, on the other hand, looking for a drink with an unusual taste should try Caramel Coffee, prepared with 3 parts espresso, 2 parts amaretto liqueur, 2 parts Apricot Brandy and milk and 1 part caramel. Other recipes with this iconic Italian drink as the star of the aperitif are:

  • Black & White cocktail: this is an alcoholic cocktail perfect for after dinner and suitable to be enjoyed with a cake or biscuits, together with coffee-based energy drinks. The cocktail is characterised by a strong and decisive flavour thanks to gin and amaretto liqueur combined with coffee
  • Valle d’Aosta coffee: the charm of this coffee makes it suitable for convivial moments spent with family and friends and for cold winter evenings. It is the right drink to sip in front of the fireplace from the wooden friendship cup with its own spout and to hand it counterclockwise to the next taster

Portioli, coffees and creativity drinks

The perfect aperitif for Portioli has always been based on coffee and herbal teas that become the ingredients for tasty drinks. Portioli has always offered the possibility to prepare inviting drinks to be served in Portioli branded glassware or in take-away cardboards.

These include Portioli Creativity Drinks, twelve exclusive coffee-based recipes made with easy-to-find ingredients and served hot and cold. The offer of our MIxology experts allows bartenders to expand the offer and conquer the palate of an increasingly demanding clientele, which sees coffee as the perfect ingredient for the aperitif and not only for breakfast or for a tasteful break. Discover all Portioli creative recipes online and create a new and different offer for your coffee shop customers.