Babyccino is a delicious drink without caffeine, but resembling cappuccino, designed especially for children. It goes back to American coffee shops and has become a popular trend in other parts of the world as well. Unlike the classic adult cappuccino, the Babyccino is a glass of whipped milk with a thick layer of chocolate powder on top.

A drink for the little ones that makes them feel grown up

When it comes to launching new fads and trends, Americans have proven to be masters in this field. It is no surprise, then, that the Babyccino has quickly won the hearts of parents and children alike in the country that gave birth to Starbucks.

The concept of the Babyccino is simple but brilliant: offer children a milk drink that is caffeine-free but resembles cappuccino. In this way, the little ones can feel as grown up as their parents while sipping this together with them. This is a great idea to broaden a café’s clientele and introduce the younger ones to the magical world of coffee drinks.

Babyccino – Preparation

The preparation of a Babyccino is almost very simple. We start by whipping the milk very well to obtain a fluffy, bubble-free cream. This step is essential to ensure a soft drink that is pleasing to children’s palates. Once the milk foam is obtained, we gently pour it into a glass.

The final touch is to sprinkle chocolate powder over the milk foam. We can also add more layers of cocoa, making Babyccino even more mouth-watering and inviting for the little ones.

An enjoyable experience for the whole family

Babyccino offers an enjoyable and fun experience for the whole family. Parents can enjoy their coffee or cappuccino while children feel grown up with their own special, yet safe, version of the beverage. This shared moment in the coffee shop can become a loving and enjoyable ritual for parents and children, strengthening family bonds.

In addition, Babyccino offers parents the opportunity to spend quality time with their children, enjoying a little pleasure without worrying about the stimulating effects of coffee.

Babyccino worldwide

After its debut in the United States, Babyccino quickly gained popularity worldwide. Many coffee shops and trendy establishments have introduced this delicious drink to their menus and found considerable success.

In many countries, baristas have had fun creating variations of Babyccino to suit the tastes and needs of young customers. Some add chocolate chips, others a splash of whipped cream or even colourful decorations to make this drink even more appealing.

Babyccino is more than just a drink for children. It is a way to make little ones feel important and included in the daily customs of the family. Caffeine-free, sweet and delicious, Babyccino is a safe and enjoyable alternative to let children experience the pleasure of an “adult” beverage. So if you have children and want to treat yourself to a coffee break, why not opt for a Babyccino and make this moment a special experience for the whole family?