Coffee cups are more than just “recipients” for our favourite beverage. They are design objects, small works of art for most intimate moments of our day.

Torrefazione Portioli knows this well, and for 2023 has created an exclusive collection of coffee cups, an ode to espresso and cappuccino. In this article, we will explore the characteristics of these cups and the manufacturing process behind these fascinating objects.

From bean to cup – How these design objects are born

The process of creating 2023 Portioli cups is a true journey that begins with the coffee bean and ends with the work of art we hold in our hands every morning. The new collection includes six espresso and six cappuccino cups, all made of fine porcelain and accompanied by a matching saucer.

  • Choice of subjects and colours: The heart of these cups are the images on a light grey background. Each cup tells a different story linked to the world of coffee, thanks to the use of dark and marked lines. This design choice makes each cup unique and fascinating. However, what exactly do these images represent? They are works of art that recall the love and passion of Torrefazione Portioli for espresso coffee. A particular fuchsia, a vibrant colour that evokes sensations of joy and vitality, characterizes each subject.
  • Human touch: The beauty of these cups also lies in their completely hand-made creation. Portioli graphics department draws each subject by hand, giving a touch of authenticity and uniqueness to each cup. The thin and soft lines, together with the pleasant shapes, make these cups ergonomic and pleasant to hold.
  • High quality porcelain: Torrefazione Portioli has chosen to use high quality porcelain for its 2023 collection. This material guarantees exceptional durability and keeps the flavours and aromas of the coffee unaltered, giving an authentic tasting experience.

Each cup has the magic of revealing a phase of coffee production

2023 Portioli cups are not just beautiful objects to look at and hold in the hand; they are also silent storytellers who lead us through the different phases of coffee production. Each image tells a different story, a key step in the journey of the coffee bean to the cup.


In the first stage, let us immerse ourselves in the world of coffee. Look at the sprout from which coffee comes from, get to know Coffea and discover the most popular varieties such as the Arabica and the Robusta ones.


The second stage takes us to the beauty of flowering. Wonderful star-shaped white flowers bloom from the Coffea plant, with an enchanting fragrance.


Here, some of those flowers turn into fruits, called drupes, similar to cherries. Discover how these ripe drupes are harvested and processed to extract the precious grains contained within them.


The fourth stage takes us to the Roasting Plant, where the Single-origin Roasting takes place. This fundamental phase requires the skill and passion of expert roasters to transform the beans into aromatic coffee.


Thanks to the wisdom of the roaster, the fine blends are created in the fifth stage. Discover the secret recipes carefully studied to combine different single-origins toasted individually and obtain maximum organoleptic qualities.


Finally, the most awaited moment arrives. Your beloved cup of coffee is ready. After a long journey of knowledge and attention to details, you can finally enjoy the taste experience you have always dreamed of.

2023 Portioli cups are not simple “recipients”, but real design objects that tell the story of coffee from the plant to the palate. Thanks to their beauty and authenticity, these cups are perfect not only for coffee lovers but also for those who want to own a small work of art to enjoy every day.

Choosing a Portioli cup means bringing home a piece of tradition and passion for coffee, enclosed in an object that exudes beauty and authenticity.