The best coffee is the one that preserves its aroma, flavour and intensity over time and is one of the most popular drinks due to its many health benefits, but how should it be stored? Let us look at Portioli advice, remembering that coffee does not perish easily, although by following a few tricks you can prevent it from losing its organoleptic properties.

Whole beans and ground coffee last a long time if protected from humidity and rarely consuming coffee beyond its expiry date leads to problems as long as there are no signs of deterioration such as mould and bad smell. Not storing coffee properly leads to a less intense and pleasant cup, but in general this product lasts for months. Once the package has been opened, coffee powder and beans should be transferred to an airtight place without light.

Can it be consumed after the expiry date?

Experts confirm that expired coffee can be consumed as long as it is vacuum-packed intact and has not been in contact with moisture. In general, expired coffee is not bad for the body and at most loses its aroma and tastes flat. The only caution is to check the packaging for lumps caused by moisture and you can test the state of preservation directly in the coffee pot: if it has a good taste and aroma, it is suitable for consumption.

However, even if coffee expires, it lends itself to many alternative uses such as making hair creams and anti-cellulite creams. In the kitchen, coffee keeps ants and bad smells away from the fridge, as well as being suitable for polishing glasses and pots. In short, even when expired, coffee is a food with many properties.

What is the best way to store it?

To keep the aroma and freshness of coffee intact Portioli recommends storing it in

An airtight container to avoid dispersion of the aromas in the air. Coffee should be stored in an airtight container made of steel, dark glass or ceramic to prevent it from absorbing odours and losing its aroma. It is better not to use transparent containers because light encourages the rancidity process and it would be better to wash the jar every time fresh coffee is added

A cool dry place, neither too humid nor too hot to avoid loss of aroma and rancidity. In this case, cupboards away from the oven and fridge are fine

The best way to store coffee is in airtight containers away from light at a temperature between 10° C and 25° C.

What to pay attention to?

When buying ground coffee or coffee beans Portioli advises to pay attention to food waste along the supply chain and to think green, buying only the coffee you need and storing it in the best way.

Let us not forget that any food required energy, land, water, fuel, natural resources, human labour and money to be produced, transported, processed, packaged, stored, sold, bought, transported again and stored at home. Coffee production also has an impact on CO2, so reducing food waste means making a sustainable choice.

This is why Portioli recommends paying attention to packaging, portions and quantity of product contained to have a cup that is always aromatic and of quality. Optimising purchasing also means saving money and not having to worry about how to store excess coffee, that which you cannot consume.

A cup of fresh coffee is much better than one made with coffee that has spent a long time in a jar or in contact with air and odours, and only the best conservation of coffee allows you to savour its full flavour. Buy Portioli coffee now and choose the quality of those who have always made coffee production and processing a mission and a green and sustainable lifestyle.