To sweeten coffee we all use white sugar, but few people know that there are good alternatives to enjoy good coffee and at the same time stay healthy and fit. Doctors have argued for years that consuming white sugar every day is unhealthy, as it alters blood sugar levels over time.

That is not all: the sucrose in refined white sugar decreases caffeine’s ability to promote diuresis and counteract fat absorption. This is why the healthiest coffee is bitter coffee, but even those who prefer to sweeten their drink should know that there are good alternatives to traditional white sugar that are even better and more natural. Let us see what they are and what Portioli sweetener proposal is.

White sugar for sweetening coffee

Portioli white sugar belongs to the superfine category with high solubility. It is enclosed in individual 5g Portioli customized sachets. 

In general, nutritionists recommend preferring raw foods, which have more beneficial properties on the body. These include brown sugar and honey.

Brown sugar for sweetening coffee

Brown sugar is extracted from cane juice and has a brown, grainy, moist colour. The flavour is characterized by a slight liquorice aftertaste, and the process of extraction from the cane is simple and natural. One removes the juice and leaves it to dry in forms the size of a tile, adding orange juice, peanuts or papaya in case during solidification. These are still plant products with many health benefits.

The important thing is to buy quality cane sugar as if the one offered by Portioli and always read the label to make sure it really is whole cane sugar

Other products for a sweeter cup

Among the evergreens of natural sweetening, one should not forget honey, which combined with coffee gives energy to the body as well as providing vitamins and minerals such as calcium, potassium and magnesium.

However, an ingredient can change the taste of espresso, so a low-flavoured honey should be used and in a minimal amount. The additional dose should also be carefully calibrated so as not to increase calories or create glycaemic spikes related to increased sugar and carbohydrates.

Portioli advice is not to put honey in boiling coffee, but to add it when the drink is lukewarm so as not to lose its beneficial properties. Those who prefer honey to sugar get a high sweetening capacity with fewer calories and can count on a 100% natural product with no excipients or chemical agents. Finally, the simple structure of honey makes it immediately digestible and a substance capable of providing quick energy for the body.

Portioli offers customers a 100% Italian acacia honey, sweet and delicate designed to give the right boost to every day. Portioli honey is packaged in convenient sachets to be offered to customers alongside the traditional white sugar and brown sugar offerings.

Portioli sugar and sweeteners – Products of excellence

Alongside the sweeteners listed above, Portioli also offers: 

– High-solubility white sugar sticks: the package includes 50 Portioli customized sachets, which contain white sugar of the superfine category with high solubility

– Portioli sweetener, which is no match for traditional sugar: the 1g sachet of Portioli custom sweetener, dissolves instantly in any hot or cold beverage. Convenient to carry with you at all times, so you do not have to give up the taste of your coffee or cappuccino even when you are from home. Pack of 300 sachets. 

– Fructose or simple sugar naturally found in fruit. Each single-serving sachet contains 5g of fructose and is a great alternative to classic white sugar to sweeten hot and cold drinks with all the natural sweetness of fruit.  

As you can see, it is possible to sweeten coffee and maintain health by focusing on natural, high-quality products like those offered by Portioli. Discover them all and enjoy your cup of espresso with just the right sweetness.