Many people at least once in their life have tried or heard about ginseng coffee, a drink that also Portioli proposes to customers and bars who want to offer an alternative to espresso coffee. The ritual of coffee has always been part of the Italian tradition, but the trend of enjoying a hot cup of ginseng, with its enveloping aroma and flavour ranging between sweet and sour, is also spreading. Let us see what ginseng coffee is and what properties it has.

Ginseng coffee – Definition

As already mentioned, ginseng coffee is a popular drink in recent times and is produced from the root of the American ginseng or Panax quinquefolius. It is a product with an unmistakable aroma that involves taste and smell.

A cup of ginseng coffee contains pure ginseng extract mixed with coffee powder and is available in both normal and reduced-caffeine varieties. In other cases, ginseng coffee is topped with milk cream for a sweeter taste.

Ginseng coffee – Benefits

Many people wonder whether ginseng has positive or negative effects on health, and studies and research point to its invigorating effect. A cup of ginseng coffee has the power to stabilise blood pressure, improve digestion and encourage bowel movements.

Among the benefits of ginseng coffee are reduced hunger and improved memory, as well as being the right ingredient to fight stress and a powerful natural aphrodisiac. This is why Portioli has also decided to offer the trend-conscious baristas ginseng coffee.

Ginseng coffee – Contraindications

As mentioned before, ginseng coffee has many beneficial effects and is a natural calming and relaxing, but also an energy and invigorating drink. Other beneficial effects include those on blood circulation – one cup stabilises blood pressure – and peristalsis.

However, ginseng coffee also has some contraindications and in particular should not be consumed in cases of anxiety, bleeding disorders, certain cardiovascular problems (such as high blood pressure), diabetes, diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, glaucoma and osteoporosis. It is also better to avoid this drink if you suffer from autoimmune diseases, insomnia or if you have undergone organ transplants, and in any case consult your doctor for advice.

Ginseng coffee – When to drink it

Ginseng coffee is perfect to start the day with energy and for a mid-morning or afternoon break. But how many cups to drink a day? Of course, besides the taste, those who drink ginseng coffee do so to improve memory and mood, loosen the nerves and strengthen the immune system.

In most cases, it is drunk instead of a cup of espresso, but it is important to know how much ginseng to take daily to avoid contraindications and health risks. As already mentioned the caffeine content of ginseng is low and does not cause tachycardia, but as with all foods, moderate consumption is recommended. For this reason, specialists recommend not exceeding 2-4 cups of coffee a day, even if deca, always choose the best quality and include it in a balanced diet.

Portioli ginseng coffee

Besides the Arabica and Robusta varieties and the single origin coffee, Portioli offers baristas ginseng coffee: it is a drink with a unique and unmistakable taste, with all the natural energy of ginseng. As for all the other coffee products, Portioli ginseng coffee is of the best quality and represents a valid alternative to the classic espresso, to be enjoyed alone or with friends and colleagues for an immediate charge of vitality.

Going into even more detail, we can say that Portioli ginseng coffee has some exclusive characteristics such as the fact that it is prepared with quality ingredients, without gluten, palm oil, colourings, hydrogenated fats and GMOs. Our ginseng espresso blend is packed in convenient 500 gram bags and even days later the coffee does not lose its aroma and freshness to always give you a cup full of flavour.

You just have to experience the best ginseng coffee, to drink when you need extra energy to get through the day!