In the age of social media and digital self-expression, the desire to create and share unique and personalized content has extended to every aspect of our daily lives. Now, even the simple act of enjoying a cup of coffee can become an opportunity to express one’s creativity and leave a unique imprint in the virtual world.

Selfie from cell phone to the cup

In a small café in the heart of Varese, a city located in northern Italy, an original idea was born that caught the attention of many people: selfies printed directly on the surface of drinks, particularly on coffee and cappuccino cups. Gianluca, the enterprising young owner of an establishment specializing in Sicilian delicacies, launched this innovative proposal.

Gianluca was looking for something unique that would allow him to stand out from the competition and offer his customers a truly one-of-a-kind experience. The solution came with the import of a machine called Ripple, which allows images to be printed on coffees and other beverages, even desserts.

Why propose innovative services in bars

The decision to introduce this innovation in his bar was not accidental. Gianluca understood that in the restaurant industry, it is crucial to offer something different to attract and satisfy customers. Offering innovative services is an effective strategy to create a memorable experience for customers and stand out from the competition.

The Ripple machine uses a combination of ink-jet and 3D printing technologies to create designs using cartridges containing coffee extract. The user can choose from an extensive library of images available through an app, which is daily updated. However, the real customization comes when the customer can request the inclusion of a personalized image, such as a selfie taken with their smartphone.

Once the image is selected, baristas prepare the desired drink and the Ripple machine works its magic in seconds, printing the requested image or phrase on the surface of the coffee. The result is an ephemeral work of art, a small masterpiece that surprises and delights customers.

The reaction of customers has been overwhelmingly positive. The novelty has generated curiosity and interest, and many have been tempted to order a cappuccino or coffee only to have their selfie printed on the surface of the drink. A fun and scenic experience turn the simple act of drinking a cup of coffee into a unique and memorable moment.

The beauty of this innovation lies in its ability to combine the visual aspect with taste, creating a synergy between aesthetics and palate pleasure. It is possible that the surprise of seeing an image printed on the surface of coffee can positively influence the perception of flavour, but this is something that may vary from person to person.

In any case, the introduction of innovative services such as the one proposed by Gianluca in his coffee shop in Varese is an example of how small entrepreneurs can stand out and attract new customers through creativity and originality. Innovation is the key to staying competitive in an increasingly crowded market, and offering unique experiences is an effective way to leave a lasting impression in the minds and hearts of customers.